Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead

Children’s TV presenters are commonly known to have an over enthusiastic, keen, bright manner to keep the kids interested and sedated between shows.

Having not watched kids TV for a while, flicked it on to see what the yoof are watching (between knifing grannies, eating crisps and scowling) and was greeted by the most annoying sight and sound I’ve ever seen in kids presenter.

Anne Foy

She makes Timmy Mallet appear positively sombre.

I find myself hitting mute whence comes on, same with Kate “I find it really difficult to speak at a normal volume so will shout all the time just in case you can’t hear me at the back” Thornton.

Anne may be a very nice person (though I have a sneaky suspicion she annoyingly bounces around in that shrill hyper active manner all the time) but her presenting skills physically make me feel nauseous.
Most kids presenters eventually mature into light entertainment (Phillip Schofield, Lenny Henry, Cat Deeley, Andi ‘I fucked up the format of TOTP’ Peters etc etc) but I can’t currently see a future for this girl on prime time, hosting a reality show. I see her future in late night call in quiz shows on satellite.

Another thought of the day.

Karl Howman. He of Brush Strokes fame has done very little in acting since the glory days of the early nighties. ( imdb)
Now he lives for Flash adverts. Now I can understand the company wanting to use a character that the public were familiar with (his cheeky Jacko character in Brush Strokes) but it’s over 15 years since the show was last aired. I guess nobody has noticed.

Google said someone else has. Guardian article

Oh, and whoever invented Scrappy Doo (Scooby Doo's nephew) is a cunt.

I really should get out more.

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