Patterned tights...

are just wrong. Unless they're fishnets.

I love being a Dominatrix. It really is a lot of fun (would be more so if I didn’t have to deal with the time wasters). Everyone in my life knows what I do and it’s not something that I have become jaded with. Yet.

Saw a lovely old chap today where I dressed him as a school girl and beat him with a plimsoll. Sweet.

I often get sent requests from slaves who want to be my house boy. I don’t want them in my vanilla life and prefer to keep that world separate.
Here’s a rather amusing one from a young Turkish boy.
I’m going there next week so should hunt him down. Yes thats going to happen.

I, 25, years old, nice, one, young, male, slave, I am sitting down turkey I,
machine, technician work, Your, *Web, page, visit, and, me, a lot of,
influence, All, life, your, slave, toilet, and, prostitute, Become, only,
for_you, work, spend, want, For this , what must I do?I am serious in this
subject I do for you in the prostitution Young, and, beautifull, I will in
the joint send my picture I accept your all rules Beg, me, all, one, life,
Slave, dog, toilet, become, honour, present

Not a bad arse for a Tranny but he could have taken the labels off the soles. Fsss

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