I like to move it (but they don't)

Another gig and this time 'Pleasure' at Club Hochriegel (last time there wasn't a particularly pleasant one, especially as the promoter gave me less than we had actually agreed-twattock) but it was a night by different promoters so all went fine.

(Except some mates of mine had difficulty getting in. (Something to do with an ‘ex‘. Isn’t it always?)

Just an MC show and was very hard to get them going which is often the case in Vienna.

It‘s as if the crowd need a shit load of booze to give themselves permission to have a good time.
Got the crowd giving it ‘woo’ for short bursts but not long before they returned to shuffling around looking bored.
I can only do what I do the best I can do it and no more.

(Well the venue is now labelling itself as the most exclusive club in town so……)

The guest was Dr Leo from Costa Rica (who I had never heard of before to be honest) and introduced him as 'Dr Rio' as I hadn‘t heard the promoter very clearly (sounds like a Duran Duran super freak).

Was a nice chap and started off playing some very funky Latin house but the crowd were having non of it and ended up playing ‘Call on me’. That was my cue to leave…

Next gig is the F.A.B. charity event for AIDS (http://www.fab-events.at/) where I shall be MCing and DJing (First time to the public in almost two years!!) Doing an exlusive bootleg/mash up set which will be something new for Vienna. If they don't get it-aaaah tuff titty. I should look fabulous too!

'World in my Eyes' by Game0ver featuring Holestar

New Tune Blurb!

Depeche Mode's "Violator" album was short by most standards, but it was the quality not quantity that made this album a classic. 15 years after it was first released, and as a
celebration of a brand new Depeche Mode album, "Playing The Angel", this is a new spin on an old favourite. A mixture of covers, mashups and remixes for your listening and possibly dancing pleasure.

I feature on the opening track ‘World In My Eyes’ which was produced by the wonderful Game0ver

Click for 'World in My Eyes' by Game0ver feat Holestar.

Go to http://www.depechemodeviolated.com/ for the entire album.

Go here to comment (Any die hard 'Mode' fans hate it and want to put hot things in our eyes? Please let us know!!)

Diva behaviour

Another gig. This time for the opening party for Afterworx at Moulin Rouge (very straight, very crowded, not my cuppa but it’s work…)
The theme was red so I went full out with the colour of choice.

The DJ was a guy I have worked with before who is a bit of a diva (and I should be the only diva in the house thank you very much!).

(Did a gig with him a while ago where he kept complaining about the sound system. That it was unprofessional and he’d played in sooooo many places around the globe and expected better.
Granted, he had a point but I suggested we just do our jobs, get drunk and do the show.

I was on stage and he decided to walk off and turned off the entire sound system.
So I’m stood there with a mic in my hand while a bewildered dancefloor looks at me.
Had a moment of ‘oh fucking hell, what to do?’ but recovered by having a sing song and talked about sex with the crowd before he returned. Twat.)

So when I did my three number (housey bootlegs) instead of just playing the backing tracks, he kept playing with the pitch and levels . He obviously thought he was creating an interesting soundscape to accompany me but it was just annoying and distracting.

Not a bad show but not one of the greatest. Luckily I had some of my mates in the crowd who jumped up and down which kept it ticking on nicely.

The two guys left decide to jump on stage during my show. Now I'm not too fussed if people get on stage with me (sometimes I encourage it) but these two pillocks just stood there waiting to have their photo taken. The look on my face says it all really.

After the show, I was asked to announce a drinks promotion.
Tequila for €2 at the upstairs bar for five minutes. I politely declined.

Wasn’t in the mood to hang around much after (as Heaven is no longer open) and was home by 2am. I’m turning into my Mother.

Also saw two slave chaps recently.

One was over from England and took me out for dinner and drinks before I did some horrible things to him.
Silly boy called me a ’fucking bitch’ at one point. Big mistake when your legs are akimbo and tied up. So I dropped candle wax on his nuts. That’ll teach ‘im.

The second was a nice chap from Northern Ireland over here for the football. He had a thing for wearing aprons, pinnys and tabards. Even came with his very own green and white polka dot number-bless him. Nice guy but didn’t know when to stop talking (and that's coming from me!).

I’m still very definitely leaving Vienna and am looking forward to it.
Many have told me I would be silly to leave Vienna now, now that people are starting to know who I am but that’s not enough.

I think I’ve done all I can here and I don’t want to be doing the same thing forever-I have to evolve.
Had decided to go to Berlin but changed my mind so off to London it is.
Was put off for a long time as I thought there would be too much competition there but fuck it! No one else is doing what I’m doing and I think I’ll have more of an opportunity to do the kind of music and art I want to.

I can but hope...

A Punnet of Peaches

Completely forgot about adding this on here.
Though my main forte is doing the old bootlegs live-I'm attempting to get my head around actually mixing them myself. Want to start producing originals too but got a lot to learn yet.

So here's quite an obvious boot/mash up;

The Stranglers-Peaches vs Peaches-Lover Tits

Click on the pic!!

The girl can't help it

No-nothing about Jayne Mansfield I'm afraid-just more of my ramblings.
Two weekends covered this time around.

Last weekend I did a gig here in Vienna. Did a few new bootlegs I’ve been playing with (housey ones-housey club so….)

Thomas Anderson-Washing Up (Tiga Mix) vs. Indeep-Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Deux-Sun Rising Up (Dub) vs. Moloko-Time is Now & Ultra Nate-Free

Soul Central - Strings of Life (prefer the original Derrick May version myself) vs. Robin S - Show me love

As per usual-the levels were all over the place. They had a monitor for me but it was either too quiet or too loud so told them to kill it and ended up screaming as per usual.

I’ve been called a diva for requesting a monitor but I’ve soon learned that if you can’t hear yourself-you have to shout over the PA just to hear yourself and spend the next four days being unable to speak-pointless. Take away the DJ monitors-then you’d see diva fits!! Haaa!

Had a break (worked through my rider and had a herbal cigarette) then went back to MC which in that kind of club-works better than doing a straight songs PA. Great reaction from the crowd and was quite impressed by the tunes the DJs (or Djanes as they are calling female DJs round this neck of the woods) played. Not your usual vocal house banality-some quite tough pumping electro stuff. (http://www.delicious.dk/)
(Big thanks to Eddie for coming and staying! Sorry for being so rude on the mic!! Haha!)

Last night was one of those unplanned messy ones. Was invited to a dinner party out in the sticks (same crowd from the beer fest) which was due to be a BBQ but the summer has defiantly left (did it ever arrive?).
Our host Roman has one of those houses that looks like a pre-fab from the front but quite stunning inside (most impressive feature-a urinal in the bedroom.) Lovely and fun party (except for those who kept going for lines between courses. Kind of defeats the objects of a dinner party.)

I had dressed for going out after but was invited to a fetish party (like I’m going to turn down the chance to see some kinkyness) so after popping home to change , three of us went to PerVienne (http://www.pervienne.org/) while the others went onto another party.

More of a fashion event than actual kink going on (though saw some rug munching going on between two skinny blonde girls. Entertaining for five minutes but watching a girl with her face in another’s pussy with no variation gets boring quite quickly-even for a perv like myself).

I think every fetish event I have ever been to Depeche Mode-Master and Servant, New Order-Blue Monday and something by Nine Inch Nails have been played and this was no exception. Nice to hear Jaydee-Plastic Dreams into Lil Louis-French Kiss though.

Nice enough party but shame there was no play area or ‘show’.

So from there on to the Volksgarten where they had an Ibbbbeeefffa ‘In Bed with Space’ party. Upon walking in-the DJ played Dr Pressure by Phil and Dog (yes it was Mylo’s version but they created the boot originally-not him damn it. I just like to see credit where it’s due) the crowd went fucking nuts. Nice one!

The bootleggers takeover is imminent-in one form or another.

They had a vocalist on who while very pretty and had a great voice-didn’t get the crowd up.
So yes I was rather mashed at this point and the promoter handed me the mic-so I jumped on the stage for a bit and gave an impromptu performance.

I have never proclaimed to be a good singer-my strength lies in getting a crowd fucking rocking and that’s what I do best. If you can get a crowd jumping up and down like loons-that’s more than half the battle over. It’s a tough job but someone’s’ got to do it!

In the one night I was offered three gigs (and told of a former ‘colleague’ of mine wouldn’t give my number to a promoter who wanted me for a show-spiteful sod) which is typical just as I’m about to leave Vienna.

But then again-if I had a Euro for every promoter, DJ and producer who said they wanted to work with me…… well I would have enough to purchase a small principality.
When I’m on stage with a mic in my hand, only then will I believe it.
Cynical yes-but I've learned the hard way.

The hills are most certainly alive...

Oh my! Well I have just spent a most marvellous weekend away from Vienna.
I was invited by a lovely chap who we shall call Phillip (because that is his real name) to go away for the weekend to his Aunts hotel in Obertraun (http://www.wenk.at/ (I know, sounds like.....never mind) opposite the pretty town Hallstatt via Hallstattersee (big lake)) and to go to a beer festival in Altausseer.

After a rather painful journey (listening to Madonna’s ‘Remixed and Revisited’ album made me realise that moving to England is the worst move she has ever made-dodgy acting withstanding.) We arrived at the hotel on the Friday night and got slightly tilted. (The highlight was going in and out of the kitchen for ahem ‘stuff’ and one lady who is old enough to know better joining in).

Was sharing a small room with two guys who promised me they wouldn’t be ‘dooing-the-do’ while I was in there. I was woken twice with “uuh uhh” sex noises. Now I don’t mind that so much, it’s just annoying when I’m not getting any myself.

I awoke to a beautiful view of a lake and mountains-stunning. A few of us decided to hire a little motor boat for a while and take it out on the lake and then sat by the lake and had ice cream. Though I’m a city girl-I do savour moments like that.

So off to the beer festival.
Now this is the Austrian countryside where it is peaceful, serene, conservative, twee. Everyone else at the event would be wearing lederhosen and dirndl (the lady dress) and not having much money to hire one-I decided to drag up-attention seeking whore that I am.

When we arrived I thought there are two ways I can handle this-the bitchy, ‘what the fuck are you looking?’ at mode or ‘woo-hoo hello!’ method. I chose the later reminding myself that it was my choice to dress up and I was probably going to be the only piece of fabulous they have ever seen in the flesh.

As you can imagine, I made quite an entrance. We were quite a large group (thankfully) and I just went around saying hello to everyone. Oddly, it was men that seemed quite entertained by my presence. A lot of women gave me rather snide looks until I’d go into their face and say “Hey!”
When we entered the main tent-well it’s a sight I shan’t forget. I wish I had a camera just to record the peoples reaction-priceless. I chatted to a few people, was called Liza Minnelli and Tina Turner (? on both counts), ate some chicken without cutlery (undivalike I know but a girl’s gotta eat. Unfortunately, the camera’s caught the action) and abused a few folk too-but in a comedy way. I’ve never seen the point of being a spiteful bitch like many Drag Queens. I do have my moments though.

Stripped of the drag once people were drunk and getting slightly hostile (sober-I was a fun novelty, drunk-I became a strange oddity) but I don’t regret doing it.

After I was treated to a liquid e cocktail which sent proceedings in another direction. The band (Austrian folk, traditional tunes, polka’s etc) were ’keeping it real’ and then started to play ’It’s raining men’. After I stopped laughing, I climbed on the table and started screaming ’gay gay gay’ at pretty much everybody (well we had kind of created our own gay ghetto in the tent). They also covered YMCA, Viva Espana and The Final Countdown. So very wrong but so right.

We then went on to a little local club for local people. An eclectic soundtrack of Bon Jovi, Annie Lenox, Chuck Berry, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music and a guy as old as my father made the moves on me. Flattered yes but his moustache just wasn’t rocking it for me.

One of the group went and got some prog house CDs and again we turned it into a gay ghetto. One chap took his top off-maybe he thought he was at ‘Crash’.

Again-I was chucked in a room with two other blokes. Luckily, they went back to the hotel and didn’t go to the bar so got the sex out of their systems (as I could see/smell by the state of the room when I staggered in at silly o‘clock.).

Sunday-long relaxing brunch, chilled and took another trip out on the lake (Discovered that I am rubbish at driving boats.)

All in all, it was one of the best and most surreal weekends I’ve had in Austria. Laughed, drank, danced, got tilted and caused my own mini riot in the Austrian countryside. Fabulous!

(Many thanks go to Gabi at the hotel for being such a wonderful host and Christine for styling my wig!) See the photos here http://www.gayboy.at/index.php?doc=eventpics&eid=1673 (‘weiter’ takes you to the next page)

Gender Bending

So how did I come to being a Tranny with a Fanny or ‘cock in a frock without the cock‘?
Well when I was about 10, I saw the film Victor/Victoria for the first time. Starring Julie Andrews, Robert Preston, James Garner and a deliciously camp Lesley Ann Warren directed by Blake Edwards. Basically the plot is of a woman who is unable to get work as a female vocalist is turned into a female impersonator to reach fame and notoriety. ‘A woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman’.
Typical love story thrown in for good measure but all round a great film. I had no idea what the whole gender bending and homosexual connotations meant at that time but something struck a chord. (I had a similar feeling when watching ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show when about 13.)

After being around on the gay scene a while and seeing many a drag queen do her thing for the sake of entertainment (most lip synching-some good, some looking like they are chewing a wasp. How the later get repeat bookings is a mystery) I thought ‘I could do that’.
I was told by those who I shared my idea with that ‘how in the hell can you do that, you are a woman and the whole point is that a drag queen is a man‘. I understood their argument but says who?
Undeterred, Victor/Victoria came back to me. Why the hell shouldn’t I be able to express myself in this way?

A quick note on gender bending.Transgenderism and cross dressing has been going on for centuries in different forms and in different cultures (Shakespeare’s female characters in plays were originally played by men forced to don frocks and DRAG (Dess As A Girl) due to it being inappropriate for ladies to take to the stage, there are the Katoey (lady boys) of Thialand, Kabuki in Japan, Hijra of India. Then there is Joan of Ark, Billy Tipton, various female pirates and many women and men in history who have changed their gender identity for various reasons.
There are those who do it for entertainment, those for sexual kicks, and those who enter this world in a body and gender role that doesn't fit them.

I have always been interested and a supporter of transsexuals. It is unfortunate that many are rejected or abused in society. Even the gay community (which is itself marginalized by society) often look upon transgender persons as third removed cousins. People want boxes. Black, white, straight, gay, male, female. The ‘third sex’ are a threat to many people because they simply don’t understand and refuse to do so.
There are many cases of transgender persons who have been subjected to violence and death because of their gender reassignment which saddens and angers me greatly.

I guess most liberally minded people hope for tolerance of all people regardless of gender, race, class bla bla and acts that are conducted sane, safely and consensually are respected- unfortunately there are the bigots whose minds will never be changed.

So back to me. After looking into it a bit, I found there are no other women regularly performing as drag queens. (The only event I'm aware of which features woman dressing up and emulating drag queens is the annual Faux Queen Pageant in San Francisco http://www.klubstitute.com/ )
I have a naturally feminine body and face so is it is difficult to look completely like a drag queen, just like few drag queens can carry off being an actual woman.

In fact, how many women look anything like drag queens? There are a few women in show business who are camp and extravagant in their performance/manner/dress (of the top of my head, Shirley Bassey, Bette Midler, Cher erm Barbara Windsor) but few go to the extremes that Queens do.

I attempt to ‘go there’ by make up and styling (I want to be someone’s muse! I have the idea’s but have no idea/patience for putting clothes together myself) and my campness factor goes up somewhat once I’ve added the wig. On occasion, I have been called a gay man trapped in a gay woman’s body-I would agree.
I do switch from quite butch behavior to ridiculously camp quite easily. Identity crisis? Maybe, maybe not because I‘m acknowledging it. Whatever.

Because I’m a woman-it is presumed that I would be a Drag King. I prefer to wear quite masculine clothes in my day to day life and ’Holestar’ the character doesn't  I am a performer by nature (since I can remember I liked to make an arse out of myself) I like escapism, glamour, drama, over the damn top-ness and all that jazz. I’m not really interested in strapping my tits down and bearding up.

Again-it’s the box thing. How dare I cross a line? Drag Queens-for men. Drag Kings-for women. As with my sexuality (which I may or not go into another time) don’t put me in a box.

I say screw you to the non believers and grumpy feminists who say drag ridicules women. Drag queens celebrate the female, while many seem to mourn it and want it shrouded in unfeminine drabness. Well good for you and your comfy shoes but I like it and want to celebrate it so go and bake a nut roast.
I want to reclaim what the DQ’s have borrowed from femininity and reclaim it for myself to the female body.

Most people can see that under the wig, lashes and six kilos of makeup that I am without penis though you would be surprised. I’ve had quite a few people ask me what gender I am.
It’s mostly straight men who are confused but I have had both gay men and women (who are usually the most perceptive) question me. Most of them do it nicely. Depending on my mood I’ll answer either male or female.
When I say I’m a guy, I throw my voice down and say I have a wonderful surgeon. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold a straight face but people will believe what they want to. I have had some grab my tits (the last person who did that got a slap and a “you sir, are a cunt”) or even at my genitals.

I’ve generally had a very positive response from what I do but there will always be those who try to drag (pun intended) you down. Recently I became rather amused by someone calling themselves Big Bertha Biscuit.

I have a few photos of myself on a drag picture site called Trashique which features both Kings and Queens. I’m neither, but I fit the criteria of drag.
On all of the photos, there is a link to my web site. On the first page it states that I am a woman doing drag which is what I am and have never hid anything about that.
I’ve never said I’m a Drag Queen (That’s why I say Drag Goddess. I’m all natural honey and therefore above being a mere Queen. )

Well said Bertha decided to ‘out’ me (Shock horror!!) as a woman. Oh my!!!
The Biscuit person decided to leave the following comments;

1 This is a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. NOT A REAL
2 This is a real women pretending to be a Drag Queen!
3 2 Real Women. Hole Star is a woman, not a queen!
4 Real Girl trying to be a Drag Queen.

Ah bless! Now I’m assuming BBB is herself a drag queen, who clearly takes great offence to me taking on the role of Queen and stepping on her stilettos. Now darling Bertha, if you should be reading this, what is your problem dear? Surely the world is big enough for drag in it’s differing forms and indeed, both of us.
How many women do you hear screeching ‘How fucking dare you dress up as a woman!!” at Drag Queens? Get out of the box darling. And where are the pictures of yourself?

Yes in the big bad world of the internet-it is easy for people to call names and throw stones without revealing themselves. I doubt they would do the same in person. Cowards.
Oh-here is the link for Trashique by the way;

Vote for me!!!

So there you have it. I’m not the most original person in the world but I’m attempting to do something that will hopefully entertain people and maybe make them reconsider what drag and gender bending is.
Life is a Cabaret old chum. So come to the Cabaret.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

So hello and welcome to my blog.I
've never kept a diary in my life but thought I might as well jump on the old blog bandwagon for shits and giggles.

So then who am I what am I and why?

Who? I am Holestar-many things to different people. Some may say schizophrenic and I say yes.

What? Visual Artist Photographer but would say multi media artist (film, performance art, installation. Most of the work deals with sexuality and taking the piss. There isn't enough humour in art. Too many chin stroking clique sods.)

Dominatrix-Does exactly what it says on the tin. No sex please I'm British.Live Performer-What I do is dress up as a drag queen. I don't lip-synch (plenty of tired queens doing that.) I sing live.

Mostly live bootlegs (or mash-ups. i.e. Take one instrumental and sing one or more tunes over the top.) and as an MC/vocalist (i.e. motivating a dance floor to shake itself into oblivion).

Starting to create originals in the electro arena (but probably not the shouty angry fanny kind-plenty of.......)

Why? Well I take the drag concept and make it my own and say 'goddess' rather than queen (cos I'm all natural honey and why should only the guys be the ones to have all the glamour?).

It quite obvious I'm a girl but you'd be surprised how many have thought I am with willy.

I was on the door at the Vienna Life Ball a few years ago (doing the Domina bit) and met a chap called DJ Henry.
He asked me to 'talk dirty' one night while he was DJing which started off with me just MCing ("dance you fuckers or I'll whip you" that type of banal nonsense) and one day I started to sing . The rest is history (or as Annie Sprinkle would say Herstory).

I’ve had feminists and grumpy types question why I would do this (some believing that drag queens ridicule women where I believe they glorify the female, taking anything feminine and elevating it to fabulous and super status. How many women actually look or act like a Drag Queen? Well except perhaps Shirley Bassey or Elizabeth Taylor. Or those who are caricatures of women, like Barbara Windsor or Liza Minelli.)
I digress.

So while boys have had the fun with the glitz, girls are expected to take on the male guise. (I could go on about the history of cross dressing on both sides but frankly won’t.) I tend to adopt a masculine-ish persona in my day to day so when I dress up, I want to go all out. I want to reclaim the feathers, lashes, heels, elaborate hand gestures, the camp humour, the swagger, the sauce and the sex.
For me, not womankind.

So not only am I playing with the gender bending, I mix it up (or as the Americans might say ‘Mash it up) by performing the bootlegs. (The home of the best booters and new remixing talent can be found at www.gybo.org)

I could do the lip synch thing, but personally think that’s a bit too easy and prefer to have a go live. I maintain that I am not a singer, but an entertainer.

My mission is always to get the buggers dancing and I always succeed. Because I’m a stubborn bugger/bitch.

I'm also queer (I prefer the term 'sexual'. We all are after all, I just prefer my own).Yes the glamour may have bypassed many lady lovers but not this one.

What else...I'm a walking talking contradiction and that's the way I like it. (I think)

I'm full of shit too (at least I am able to admit this-many can't.)

So there you go for your starter for 10.
Expect random ramblings as and when I can be bothered.
I'm off-my head hurts.xXx