Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

So hello and welcome to my blog.I
've never kept a diary in my life but thought I might as well jump on the old blog bandwagon for shits and giggles.

So then who am I what am I and why?

Who? I am Holestar-many things to different people. Some may say schizophrenic and I say yes.

What? Visual Artist Photographer but would say multi media artist (film, performance art, installation. Most of the work deals with sexuality and taking the piss. There isn't enough humour in art. Too many chin stroking clique sods.)

Dominatrix-Does exactly what it says on the tin. No sex please I'm British.Live Performer-What I do is dress up as a drag queen. I don't lip-synch (plenty of tired queens doing that.) I sing live.

Mostly live bootlegs (or mash-ups. i.e. Take one instrumental and sing one or more tunes over the top.) and as an MC/vocalist (i.e. motivating a dance floor to shake itself into oblivion).

Starting to create originals in the electro arena (but probably not the shouty angry fanny kind-plenty of.......)

Why? Well I take the drag concept and make it my own and say 'goddess' rather than queen (cos I'm all natural honey and why should only the guys be the ones to have all the glamour?).

It quite obvious I'm a girl but you'd be surprised how many have thought I am with willy.

I was on the door at the Vienna Life Ball a few years ago (doing the Domina bit) and met a chap called DJ Henry.
He asked me to 'talk dirty' one night while he was DJing which started off with me just MCing ("dance you fuckers or I'll whip you" that type of banal nonsense) and one day I started to sing . The rest is history (or as Annie Sprinkle would say Herstory).

I’ve had feminists and grumpy types question why I would do this (some believing that drag queens ridicule women where I believe they glorify the female, taking anything feminine and elevating it to fabulous and super status. How many women actually look or act like a Drag Queen? Well except perhaps Shirley Bassey or Elizabeth Taylor. Or those who are caricatures of women, like Barbara Windsor or Liza Minelli.)
I digress.

So while boys have had the fun with the glitz, girls are expected to take on the male guise. (I could go on about the history of cross dressing on both sides but frankly won’t.) I tend to adopt a masculine-ish persona in my day to day so when I dress up, I want to go all out. I want to reclaim the feathers, lashes, heels, elaborate hand gestures, the camp humour, the swagger, the sauce and the sex.
For me, not womankind.

So not only am I playing with the gender bending, I mix it up (or as the Americans might say ‘Mash it up) by performing the bootlegs. (The home of the best booters and new remixing talent can be found at www.gybo.org)

I could do the lip synch thing, but personally think that’s a bit too easy and prefer to have a go live. I maintain that I am not a singer, but an entertainer.

My mission is always to get the buggers dancing and I always succeed. Because I’m a stubborn bugger/bitch.

I'm also queer (I prefer the term 'sexual'. We all are after all, I just prefer my own).Yes the glamour may have bypassed many lady lovers but not this one.

What else...I'm a walking talking contradiction and that's the way I like it. (I think)

I'm full of shit too (at least I am able to admit this-many can't.)

So there you go for your starter for 10.
Expect random ramblings as and when I can be bothered.
I'm off-my head hurts.xXx