Downlow Disco Damage

I have dislocated my patella and screwed up one of the ligaments in my right knee. They are unable to tell which one yet as the swelling is of Joseph Merrick proportions.

I'm sat in my flat after the weekends tranny madness of the Downlow at Glastonbury Festival. Once again, we turned the mother out! My ace crew captured some amazing footage for the film (Ring Them film about alternative queer London that I've been raging on about), there were some fierce group numbers, fabulous looks, hilarious moments at the Stone Circle and the Downlow looked absolutely amazing (big up to Block 9). Despite a small minority of homophobic idiots and the hellish journey back to London, it was another successful year for the Downlow at Glastonburgh. (Photos

Sunday night I was on-stage with Marc with a C and John Sizzle and just as I was going down for the vogue part of the routine, something snapped. I redistributed my weight, whatever it was clicked back and I dragged myself stage right. Was carried off-stage, seen by a medic who then called the paramedics to take me to the on-site hospital. As I was being lifted into the ambulance, some hippy was trying to grab my gas and air, had to slap her to get off. Some people will do anything to get high.

Finally made it to A&E on solid ground last night and had an X-ray. Nothing broken but the ligament is buggered. Its all swollen up (apparently filled with blood) but they wont drain it unless it goes down in a few days. I've got to return in 10 days and there is nothing I can do but rest it.

Apologies to Marc with a C for ruining his number (similar happened to Jonny Woo when I slipped on a banana skin giving myself concussion), thanks to Zakia for coming to hospital with me and everyone who helped pack my stuff up and get me things as I sat with my leg propped up while the Downlow was being dismantled around me.

I live with pain everyday (I suffer from Hyper Mobility Syndrome and take a strong cocktail of drugs daily just to get about) so am used to it but this is a new kind of pain. This is my third day on crutches and its made me realise how much I take walking for granted and how long it takes to go to the loo. Its also fascinating to see how people react when someone is injured. Some have given me a wide berth while others show an incredible nurturing instinct. We are animals after all and when one is lame and separated from the troupe I suppose its better to leave them.

I'm on crutches for the foreseeable future. Can't go anywhere or do anything and desperate to sit in the sunshine. I'm performing at Latitude Festival in a few weeks (and Eat Your Heat Out at Hackney Empire, but luckily its a sit down performance) just hope I can do it (though heels will be out for a while).

If anyone wants to come around and make themselves a cup of tea and give me some company, you're more than welcome.