The girl can't help it

No-nothing about Jayne Mansfield I'm afraid-just more of my ramblings.
Two weekends covered this time around.

Last weekend I did a gig here in Vienna. Did a few new bootlegs I’ve been playing with (housey ones-housey club so….)

Thomas Anderson-Washing Up (Tiga Mix) vs. Indeep-Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Deux-Sun Rising Up (Dub) vs. Moloko-Time is Now & Ultra Nate-Free

Soul Central - Strings of Life (prefer the original Derrick May version myself) vs. Robin S - Show me love

As per usual-the levels were all over the place. They had a monitor for me but it was either too quiet or too loud so told them to kill it and ended up screaming as per usual.

I’ve been called a diva for requesting a monitor but I’ve soon learned that if you can’t hear yourself-you have to shout over the PA just to hear yourself and spend the next four days being unable to speak-pointless. Take away the DJ monitors-then you’d see diva fits!! Haaa!

Had a break (worked through my rider and had a herbal cigarette) then went back to MC which in that kind of club-works better than doing a straight songs PA. Great reaction from the crowd and was quite impressed by the tunes the DJs (or Djanes as they are calling female DJs round this neck of the woods) played. Not your usual vocal house banality-some quite tough pumping electro stuff. (
(Big thanks to Eddie for coming and staying! Sorry for being so rude on the mic!! Haha!)

Last night was one of those unplanned messy ones. Was invited to a dinner party out in the sticks (same crowd from the beer fest) which was due to be a BBQ but the summer has defiantly left (did it ever arrive?).
Our host Roman has one of those houses that looks like a pre-fab from the front but quite stunning inside (most impressive feature-a urinal in the bedroom.) Lovely and fun party (except for those who kept going for lines between courses. Kind of defeats the objects of a dinner party.)

I had dressed for going out after but was invited to a fetish party (like I’m going to turn down the chance to see some kinkyness) so after popping home to change , three of us went to PerVienne ( while the others went onto another party.

More of a fashion event than actual kink going on (though saw some rug munching going on between two skinny blonde girls. Entertaining for five minutes but watching a girl with her face in another’s pussy with no variation gets boring quite quickly-even for a perv like myself).

I think every fetish event I have ever been to Depeche Mode-Master and Servant, New Order-Blue Monday and something by Nine Inch Nails have been played and this was no exception. Nice to hear Jaydee-Plastic Dreams into Lil Louis-French Kiss though.

Nice enough party but shame there was no play area or ‘show’.

So from there on to the Volksgarten where they had an Ibbbbeeefffa ‘In Bed with Space’ party. Upon walking in-the DJ played Dr Pressure by Phil and Dog (yes it was Mylo’s version but they created the boot originally-not him damn it. I just like to see credit where it’s due) the crowd went fucking nuts. Nice one!

The bootleggers takeover is imminent-in one form or another.

They had a vocalist on who while very pretty and had a great voice-didn’t get the crowd up.
So yes I was rather mashed at this point and the promoter handed me the mic-so I jumped on the stage for a bit and gave an impromptu performance.

I have never proclaimed to be a good singer-my strength lies in getting a crowd fucking rocking and that’s what I do best. If you can get a crowd jumping up and down like loons-that’s more than half the battle over. It’s a tough job but someone’s’ got to do it!

In the one night I was offered three gigs (and told of a former ‘colleague’ of mine wouldn’t give my number to a promoter who wanted me for a show-spiteful sod) which is typical just as I’m about to leave Vienna.

But then again-if I had a Euro for every promoter, DJ and producer who said they wanted to work with me…… well I would have enough to purchase a small principality.
When I’m on stage with a mic in my hand, only then will I believe it.
Cynical yes-but I've learned the hard way.

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