Gender Bending

So how did I come to being a Tranny with a Fanny or ‘cock in a frock without the cock‘?
Well when I was about 10, I saw the film Victor/Victoria for the first time. Starring Julie Andrews, Robert Preston, James Garner and a deliciously camp Lesley Ann Warren directed by Blake Edwards. Basically the plot is of a woman who is unable to get work as a female vocalist is turned into a female impersonator to reach fame and notoriety. ‘A woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman’.
Typical love story thrown in for good measure but all round a great film. I had no idea what the whole gender bending and homosexual connotations meant at that time but something struck a chord. (I had a similar feeling when watching ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show when about 13.)

After being around on the gay scene a while and seeing many a drag queen do her thing for the sake of entertainment (most lip synching-some good, some looking like they are chewing a wasp. How the later get repeat bookings is a mystery) I thought ‘I could do that’.
I was told by those who I shared my idea with that ‘how in the hell can you do that, you are a woman and the whole point is that a drag queen is a man‘. I understood their argument but says who?
Undeterred, Victor/Victoria came back to me. Why the hell shouldn’t I be able to express myself in this way?

A quick note on gender bending.Transgenderism and cross dressing has been going on for centuries in different forms and in different cultures (Shakespeare’s female characters in plays were originally played by men forced to don frocks and DRAG (Dess As A Girl) due to it being inappropriate for ladies to take to the stage, there are the Katoey (lady boys) of Thialand, Kabuki in Japan, Hijra of India. Then there is Joan of Ark, Billy Tipton, various female pirates and many women and men in history who have changed their gender identity for various reasons.
There are those who do it for entertainment, those for sexual kicks, and those who enter this world in a body and gender role that doesn't fit them.

I have always been interested and a supporter of transsexuals. It is unfortunate that many are rejected or abused in society. Even the gay community (which is itself marginalized by society) often look upon transgender persons as third removed cousins. People want boxes. Black, white, straight, gay, male, female. The ‘third sex’ are a threat to many people because they simply don’t understand and refuse to do so.
There are many cases of transgender persons who have been subjected to violence and death because of their gender reassignment which saddens and angers me greatly.

I guess most liberally minded people hope for tolerance of all people regardless of gender, race, class bla bla and acts that are conducted sane, safely and consensually are respected- unfortunately there are the bigots whose minds will never be changed.

So back to me. After looking into it a bit, I found there are no other women regularly performing as drag queens. (The only event I'm aware of which features woman dressing up and emulating drag queens is the annual Faux Queen Pageant in San Francisco )
I have a naturally feminine body and face so is it is difficult to look completely like a drag queen, just like few drag queens can carry off being an actual woman.

In fact, how many women look anything like drag queens? There are a few women in show business who are camp and extravagant in their performance/manner/dress (of the top of my head, Shirley Bassey, Bette Midler, Cher erm Barbara Windsor) but few go to the extremes that Queens do.

I attempt to ‘go there’ by make up and styling (I want to be someone’s muse! I have the idea’s but have no idea/patience for putting clothes together myself) and my campness factor goes up somewhat once I’ve added the wig. On occasion, I have been called a gay man trapped in a gay woman’s body-I would agree.
I do switch from quite butch behavior to ridiculously camp quite easily. Identity crisis? Maybe, maybe not because I‘m acknowledging it. Whatever.

Because I’m a woman-it is presumed that I would be a Drag King. I prefer to wear quite masculine clothes in my day to day life and ’Holestar’ the character doesn't  I am a performer by nature (since I can remember I liked to make an arse out of myself) I like escapism, glamour, drama, over the damn top-ness and all that jazz. I’m not really interested in strapping my tits down and bearding up.

Again-it’s the box thing. How dare I cross a line? Drag Queens-for men. Drag Kings-for women. As with my sexuality (which I may or not go into another time) don’t put me in a box.

I say screw you to the non believers and grumpy feminists who say drag ridicules women. Drag queens celebrate the female, while many seem to mourn it and want it shrouded in unfeminine drabness. Well good for you and your comfy shoes but I like it and want to celebrate it so go and bake a nut roast.
I want to reclaim what the DQ’s have borrowed from femininity and reclaim it for myself to the female body.

Most people can see that under the wig, lashes and six kilos of makeup that I am without penis though you would be surprised. I’ve had quite a few people ask me what gender I am.
It’s mostly straight men who are confused but I have had both gay men and women (who are usually the most perceptive) question me. Most of them do it nicely. Depending on my mood I’ll answer either male or female.
When I say I’m a guy, I throw my voice down and say I have a wonderful surgeon. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold a straight face but people will believe what they want to. I have had some grab my tits (the last person who did that got a slap and a “you sir, are a cunt”) or even at my genitals.

I’ve generally had a very positive response from what I do but there will always be those who try to drag (pun intended) you down. Recently I became rather amused by someone calling themselves Big Bertha Biscuit.

I have a few photos of myself on a drag picture site called Trashique which features both Kings and Queens. I’m neither, but I fit the criteria of drag.
On all of the photos, there is a link to my web site. On the first page it states that I am a woman doing drag which is what I am and have never hid anything about that.
I’ve never said I’m a Drag Queen (That’s why I say Drag Goddess. I’m all natural honey and therefore above being a mere Queen. )

Well said Bertha decided to ‘out’ me (Shock horror!!) as a woman. Oh my!!!
The Biscuit person decided to leave the following comments;

1 This is a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. NOT A REAL
2 This is a real women pretending to be a Drag Queen!
3 2 Real Women. Hole Star is a woman, not a queen!
4 Real Girl trying to be a Drag Queen.

Ah bless! Now I’m assuming BBB is herself a drag queen, who clearly takes great offence to me taking on the role of Queen and stepping on her stilettos. Now darling Bertha, if you should be reading this, what is your problem dear? Surely the world is big enough for drag in it’s differing forms and indeed, both of us.
How many women do you hear screeching ‘How fucking dare you dress up as a woman!!” at Drag Queens? Get out of the box darling. And where are the pictures of yourself?

Yes in the big bad world of the internet-it is easy for people to call names and throw stones without revealing themselves. I doubt they would do the same in person. Cowards.
Oh-here is the link for Trashique by the way;

Vote for me!!!

So there you have it. I’m not the most original person in the world but I’m attempting to do something that will hopefully entertain people and maybe make them reconsider what drag and gender bending is.
Life is a Cabaret old chum. So come to the Cabaret.

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