I like to move it (but they don't)

Another gig and this time 'Pleasure' at Club Hochriegel (last time there wasn't a particularly pleasant one, especially as the promoter gave me less than we had actually agreed-twattock) but it was a night by different promoters so all went fine.

(Except some mates of mine had difficulty getting in. (Something to do with an ‘ex‘. Isn’t it always?)

Just an MC show and was very hard to get them going which is often the case in Vienna.

It‘s as if the crowd need a shit load of booze to give themselves permission to have a good time.
Got the crowd giving it ‘woo’ for short bursts but not long before they returned to shuffling around looking bored.
I can only do what I do the best I can do it and no more.

(Well the venue is now labelling itself as the most exclusive club in town so……)

The guest was Dr Leo from Costa Rica (who I had never heard of before to be honest) and introduced him as 'Dr Rio' as I hadn‘t heard the promoter very clearly (sounds like a Duran Duran super freak).

Was a nice chap and started off playing some very funky Latin house but the crowd were having non of it and ended up playing ‘Call on me’. That was my cue to leave…

Next gig is the F.A.B. charity event for AIDS (http://www.fab-events.at/) where I shall be MCing and DJing (First time to the public in almost two years!!) Doing an exlusive bootleg/mash up set which will be something new for Vienna. If they don't get it-aaaah tuff titty. I should look fabulous too!

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