Diva behaviour

Another gig. This time for the opening party for Afterworx at Moulin Rouge (very straight, very crowded, not my cuppa but it’s work…)
The theme was red so I went full out with the colour of choice.

The DJ was a guy I have worked with before who is a bit of a diva (and I should be the only diva in the house thank you very much!).

(Did a gig with him a while ago where he kept complaining about the sound system. That it was unprofessional and he’d played in sooooo many places around the globe and expected better.
Granted, he had a point but I suggested we just do our jobs, get drunk and do the show.

I was on stage and he decided to walk off and turned off the entire sound system.
So I’m stood there with a mic in my hand while a bewildered dancefloor looks at me.
Had a moment of ‘oh fucking hell, what to do?’ but recovered by having a sing song and talked about sex with the crowd before he returned. Twat.)

So when I did my three number (housey bootlegs) instead of just playing the backing tracks, he kept playing with the pitch and levels . He obviously thought he was creating an interesting soundscape to accompany me but it was just annoying and distracting.

Not a bad show but not one of the greatest. Luckily I had some of my mates in the crowd who jumped up and down which kept it ticking on nicely.

The two guys left decide to jump on stage during my show. Now I'm not too fussed if people get on stage with me (sometimes I encourage it) but these two pillocks just stood there waiting to have their photo taken. The look on my face says it all really.

After the show, I was asked to announce a drinks promotion.
Tequila for €2 at the upstairs bar for five minutes. I politely declined.

Wasn’t in the mood to hang around much after (as Heaven is no longer open) and was home by 2am. I’m turning into my Mother.

Also saw two slave chaps recently.

One was over from England and took me out for dinner and drinks before I did some horrible things to him.
Silly boy called me a ’fucking bitch’ at one point. Big mistake when your legs are akimbo and tied up. So I dropped candle wax on his nuts. That’ll teach ‘im.

The second was a nice chap from Northern Ireland over here for the football. He had a thing for wearing aprons, pinnys and tabards. Even came with his very own green and white polka dot number-bless him. Nice guy but didn’t know when to stop talking (and that's coming from me!).

I’m still very definitely leaving Vienna and am looking forward to it.
Many have told me I would be silly to leave Vienna now, now that people are starting to know who I am but that’s not enough.

I think I’ve done all I can here and I don’t want to be doing the same thing forever-I have to evolve.
Had decided to go to Berlin but changed my mind so off to London it is.
Was put off for a long time as I thought there would be too much competition there but fuck it! No one else is doing what I’m doing and I think I’ll have more of an opportunity to do the kind of music and art I want to.

I can but hope...


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