The Locksmith

I love being a dominatrix. You get to peer behind the bravado and machismo of the male ego at it’s most vulnerable.

I get many an odd email from prospective slaves/time wasters who can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. Most are the usual ‘I want to grovel at your feet/lick your shoes/please beat me within an inch of my life with no mercy’ type.

This one has really made me smile

Thought you might like to know that I am a locksmith and offer UPVC door and window repair as well as a glazing service. If you ever fancy getting work done and not paying because the man doing it is a worm who lusts after you - then give me a call.

I would post the web address included but I don’t want people emailing and mocking the poor dear.
Shame he lives so far away. Never know when I might get locked out.

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