Slightly disturbing

Just leaned out my window to have a sneaky fag and saw four kids outside my house, the eldest probably 12, youngest 8 passing a screwdriver and a huge blade between each other.
I thought that kind of thing was invented by the Daily (Cunty) Mail to scare middle class suburbanites.
I blame terrestrial TV for exchanging Saturday morning TV with wank arsed cook shows with hob goblins like Anthony Worrall Thompson.

All You Can Eat at Electrowerkz with the Pirate Soundsystem was good fun but the room we were in had a pretty crapy sound system.
Friday me and the scampy Pirate boys and I did a slot at Kashpoints new residency at The Eve Club (nice venue, expensive booze) which was major fun! We had a pretty filled dance floor throughout while I ran around singing/screaming for people to get their tits out and such like.
Probably best Kashpoint I’ve been to. Some snooty fuckers (I’ve never quite got that ‘I‘ve took ages creating my look so I‘m going to act like a rude cunt’ attitude) but generally a great atmosphere and the kids were having it large.

Just got in from Bastard at 93 Feet East which was a pleasure as always. Went to Ted’s birthday shin dig before, was nice to catch up with guys from my old college. Especially Arthur (fucking loon!) and my boy Paul (it’s been too long Plews as well you know!!)

Off to Turkey tomorrow for the big gay fest. Should be a right hootenanny. Will do my best to try and track down any females in the resort and see if I can get my wicked way with them. Yeah-like that’s going to happen (insert rolly eye smiley).

A few people have mentioned in caution the recent bombings in Istanbul but I’m probably more likely to be bombed here in London. Not going to live in fear and all that.

If there is something on the news about Club Med in Bodrum tell Vienna it meant nothing to me (see Midge Ure), my Mum to give my videos from her attic to The Cats Protection Legue and that I want Bizarre Inc-Playing with Knives (Quadrant Mix) played at my funeral and to those that I love “Je Ne Regrette Rien”.

Hos├ža kalin

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