Gazelland Party-The Aftermath

Thank you so much for the comments and messages about last nights Gazelland party at Trannyshack-glad that people enjoyed it and had a good time.

I'm very happy with how it all went-big queue, full all night, great atmosphere. Brilliant. Really couldn't have gone better.

I have been asked to do more parties but truth be told-as much as I enjoyed promoting it (despite the stress of certain annoying factors that made things difficult) I'm an artist first, then performer, followed by dj, dominatrix and finally promoter.
Its not as easy as people think and though I will do it again for sure, I couldn't do it full time. I've got too many other projects that need attention.

Big thanks to Gazelle (for flying in from NYC just for the party and creating such a fabulous magazine-its truly amazing), Stefan, Dusty O, Paul Morgan, Bishi, Mika Doll, Namalee, Chycca, Suppositori Spelling, David, Elliot, Malcom, Christian (for my HUGE wig), Tasty Tim, Richard Torry and Mathew Glamorre.
Special mention to all the fabulous people who really made an effort and dressed up. Was excellent to see such chic freak expressionism going on in one space.
Viva la difference!

(For those who missed their copy of gazelland-The Skin Issue, you can order it from )

All photos by Paul Morgan

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