Poppers and Vogue...

Only just realised I haven’t done a me me me blog blub since New York. Well……

Past few months have can be best summarised by song; “Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it”. Thank you Ronan (shudder urgggh ick…I feel so dirty….)

Lets see now,
I’ve DJed on the main floors at Heaven and 93 Feet East, performed at Egg, Nude, Fannyshack and Gay Bingo, played Dr Lecter in Hannibal The Cannibal-The Musical, threw a Eurovision party (Ukraine were robbed!! Silly old tranny with a star on her head rules over bull dyke ballad any day), won heat 2 of Tranny Talent at Bistrotheque (with an edit of my 'Insanity of Modern Ceelebrity' show. Came runner up in the final), saw Justice and Daft Punk live, won Mr Trannyshack UK 2007 (as Later Hos...geddit? oh) , installed a video art piece in my first proper London exhibition, Left of Centre (which runs until November kids) and was part of the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury and Lovebox Festivals. And beat a few men up in-between. Non too shabby.

Glastonbury was brilliant. What a team! Everyone involved was excellent and we all became a little Downlow family.

I snuck away for a bit on Friday to see MIA but she was exactly that (Missing In Action) and we got Lilly Allen instead (ok I guess), caught Rufus Wainwright doing Judy Garlands ‘Get Happy’, Shlomo, Boy Better Know, Arcade Fire and Bjork who was bloody ace. The tunes, the visuals, the lasers. My!

Most of the time was spent in drag either doing the door, performing, hanging out of the window with a megaphone abusing punters or getting in a right old state.

Everyone involved is toooooo good and works bloody hard.
Its pretty depressing that the London gay scene hasn’t really embraced a lot of the people involved as they are amazing and those who know me (as in real life, not this interweb life ) know I don’t dish out compliments willy nilly.
I can’t imagine a lot of the fanny/granny drag set putting up with leaky tents and vile bogs going on stage to entertain without any drama whilst wearing wellys.
(I really shouldn’t bitch and there is a place for that but after seeing a few shows at London Pride a few weeks ago, it made me realise the depressing reality of those who make the money in this town and those who deserve to.)

Anyway, our tent was the best in the festival. Zoe Ball and Norman Cook said so. We also had Kevin Spacey lurking in the corners, Will Young queuing for his moustache to get in, Rosario Dawson getting trannyed up and a few naff celebs.

Sunday we all went to see Shirley Bassey (dressed as Ms Bassey) do what she does and the final night was very messy. Very very messy in every sense.

Dance of the Downlow - The Electric Slide
Song of the Downlow - Liza Minelli - Ring Them Bells
Phrase of the Downlow - Poppers & Vogue

Big thanks to all the guys from Horse Meat Disco (who played brilliant classic disco all weekend), Rob and Gideon for everything, John Sizzle Jonny Woo, Filthy Luka, Ryan ‘Wendy House’ Styles, Russella, Ma Butcher, Marc with a C, Suppositori Spelling, Booby Tuesday (RIP), Scotee, Le Gateaux Chocolat (we have discussed collaborating. Our name will be Chocolat Star Fish), Jeanette, Jay Jay, Peter, Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Felix, Severino, Robin, Terry, all the crew and anyone I might have forgot (sorry). It really was one if the best weekends I’ve ever had (despite the mud).

Glastonbury Pics

Same again for the Lovebox Festival in London but a much bigger venue. But like Glasto, we were packed out pretty much all day, one in one out.
Doing the door was fun, rounding up punters like sheep (its amazing what you can get away with whilst wearing a wig). Once again, whole thing brilliant. Saw Sly and the Family Stone (rather disappointing as Sly turned up for about 3 songs and looked and sounded like a rather broken Flava Flav). Sometimes legends should just stay legends in your head and remembered that way. Its like when I saw Liza Minelli make a tit out of herself at the Life Ball in Vienna two years ago. I wanted to say “No Liza, put the mic down and step away” before giving her a big hug and maybe a Valium)

Popped to the Joiners Arms with Mr Teds after Lovebox and then to a rather silly after party in Shoreditch with my partner getting in a right old state.

In the last week I performed Shirley’s version of ‘Light My Fire’ at Gay Bingo (though there being lots of fans, my fires weren’t being lit. At least the sparklers went off at the end) which was very good fun, passed my first year on my Fine Art Masters at St Martinis and spent a nice day being a tourist around London for the day. (You really take it for granted how much this city has going on).

Lovebox and Gay Bingo Pics

Unfortunately had a few projects cancelled (due to unforeseeable circumstances) but on Wednesday I’m promoting the Gazelland Magazine Skin Issue Party at Trannyshack. Managed to round up some very interesting performers who appear in the magazine and despite a few niggles, really looking forward to it. Good to have something a little alternative in the West End.

Ooh and Friday I’m off to see the purple majesty that is Prince in concert (shame his new album is poo AND he gave it away with hate rag the ’Mail on Sunday’).

I need someone who speaks Hungarian. I'm in a Hungarian magazine called 'Pep' this month. They sent me the article but I have no idea what it says (except it mentions Jefree 'you must loove meee' Star). Article here.

Oh and if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a rather amusing blog about the gay scene in London. I don’t go out in my disguise enough to get photographed or attract attention (thank the lord-don’t really want to be a regular face on the scene-I’m an artist darn it!) but whoever it is (I’ve got a good idea) has got some folk truly riled. Every scene needs it pirate to piss off the purists.

And my favorite woman of the moment is Sondra Prill. Google her, revel in her story, watch the only two videos of her on youtube; a beachy version of Technotronics Pump Up The Jam and Janet Jacksons Nasty. Pure genius, I heart her. I WILL be doing my own version of Sondra on a stage near you. Perhaps.

This video about accessorizing is very amusing. Well I like to think so.

Anyway…I really should fix my wig


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