Gazelland Party Press (yay but a little meh...)


So I'm very happy we got some press-but it seems the gay press are merely interested in certain factors.

I organised the whole she-bag, didn't perform like it suggests. Nelly didn't play on the night. Gazelle is the editor of the mag and came all the way from New York. Namalee is not a tranny.
Jody, Pete and Kimberley are big names but they were guests (no offence to you girls :-). There was very little mention of the performers and artists who had worked hard for this event and deserve props.

Oh I forget....Boyz is heat magzine for gays.

Of course I'm going to notice the minor details that nobody else will as it was my project.....probably should be grateful that the event received anything but I like to see credit where its due.
That's probably me screwed for any publicity in the future but do I really care? I'm not into sucking up to anyone and 'playing the game'. Boring!!!

Thank you once again to all the fabulous people involved-it really was a great night.
Again….the role call of the fabulous….

Gazelle, Stefan, Dusty O, Richard Torry , Mathew Glamorre, Paul Morgan, Bishi, Mika Doll, Namalee N the Namazonz, Chycca, Suppositori Spelling, Samar, DAVID, Elliot Fu, Malcom Pate, Christian and Tasty Tim.

I've received a ridiculous amount of friends requests on myspace since (where do you people come from?) and have had requests asking me to promote other parties but I really couldn't do it full time. Too much stress, too many annoying factors involved in the process etc. I will be doing another party in the future though….

ART WATCH………Go and see the Anthony Gormley-Blind Light exhibition at the Hayward (brilliant, disorientating, stays with you for a while after, though provoking but fun…everything art should be), the summer expo at the Royal Academy (can somebody please buy me the smoking rabbit?), Keith Arnatt and Chris Coekin shows at the Photographers Gallery and Paul Insect at Lazarides Gallery.
First time in a while I've enjoyed so many big shows.
Oh and you really should also go and see my show at Circus, 58 Marylebone High Street. Exhibition is on till 5th November ;-)
Will probably pop in to the Warhol vs. Bansky show at Hospital tomorrow. Brilliant concept.

P.S. I've just watched The Nolans doing 'I'm in the mood for dancing' on Loose Women. LOVE the choreography! Simple but works.

P.P.S Field Day Saturday!!! Woo!!

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