Thieving cunty bastards

Went out last night to Bloggers Delight and had a jolly time until some thieving twat stole my bag in The Elephant's Head (it's a pub on Camden High Street, not a euphemism).

Bag was right next to me on a bench and they managed to get it within 5 minutes of me opening it and going it to check again. Clever sods. And I'm usually pretty vigilant with these kinds of things.

New Carhartt wallet, all my cards, only about £8 in cash though, keys (with my cherished acid smiley key ring, over 15 years old) , 3 week old phone, brand spanking new leather gloves, makeup etc etc….

Have only just managed to get back into my flat. Braving Victoria station this morning wasn't pleasant I can tell you (though a nice man gave me a free Innocent Smoothie which was nice).

Orange want £100 to replace my phone which they can swing for so will have to make do with a shitty old one-ho hum.
I've lost a whole heap of numbers from some of you good folk on here so if you could send them to me, that would be grand.

What load of old knob rot 2007 is turning out to be so far.

Keep your eyes on your things kids-the fuckers are everywhere.


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