New York...

Was supposed to go with my old college for an touring art exhibition to NYC but there was a bit of a broohaha with the booking so I'm making my own way there.
Yep-booked my tickets and will be there from 27 March to 4 April.

Last night, Bastard at 93 Feet East was rammed. Got there quite late but saw La Phaze who were very good and Loo and Placido knocked out an excellent set. I usually get irritated if I hear a whole set of bootlegs but was really great stuff. The French boys pwned big time.

Then onto the All You Can Eat Slumber Party to play some tunes at Melange. It's an ace venue, the basement is grubby, grungy, dark and sweaty-prefer that kind of place to shinny clubs.
The amp went down while I was going back to back with Jim Warboy but once it was up, people danced and hollered so think it went pretty well. My mission is to always get the buggers dancing so mission accomplished :-)

Played a new bootleg I knocked up for my good buddy Tom for helping me out when my bag was stolen last Sunday;

Daft Punk - Crescendolls vs. Indeep - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and a little bit of Ru Paul-Supermodel.

I wanted to glitch up the vocals but I have no idea how to but it still went down pretty well.
Have decided to put up a few of the boots I've made on Multiply
Clicky here should you want to hear the carnage for yourselves. Simple A over Bs as my production skills are nil. Can hear things in my head being amazing but I haven't got the patience to learn the skills.

Was a really good night in all except Tom got his phone nicked, someone went through my bag and chucked my clothes around the area behind the DJ box and my Venetian mask thing went missing (but the later might have had something to do with me being quite stoned).
Unbelievable, I have my bag nicked and Tom's phone goes walkies within a week. We're cursed!

Said it before kids but the bastards are everywhere - keep check of yer bits.


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