Ambush, Shilpa Shetty, Fannyshack and Love It!!

Have managed to bag myself a few gigs in one day.
Going back to Vienna for the opening of a new gay night with Boy George, 1 in New York (a second looking probable) and booked for my first solo revue show in London.

I’m not going to go into it here what I’m doing for my revue as I have recently read on the internet that someone is doing a show based on an idea I had but never got off the ground. Will have to learn to keep my big mouth shut eh? Basically it will be a little different to what you’re used to, turning things up a notch.
All in all, things looking good!

Went to Nottingham last Thursday for a bit of a jolly. Some of the boys from GYBO (music mong board I frequent, though we don‘t talk much about music anymore. Just waffle about what we had for breakfast and pop culture) were DJing for Ambush at The Social.
My Baby Josh Console (I love this boy), Stinkin Rich, Mike and Johnny from Cartel Communique, Andy Dunproofin & Richie Culturedeluxe (who came down from Aberdeen and are the guys behind my Trannyshack track, Two Magdalene Fuckers as E-Jitz), Oli & Chris from Birmingham, LV15 and myself went down/up for a knees up.

Cartel played their usual set (which is not a good thing nor a bad thing) Josh was super but by the end I was hankering for some cheese. Shame Dunproofin’s set was cut short as he was cooking up a rather damn fine storm.

After being kicked out and recording (VIDEO REMOVED) of Rich and Josh we popped back to our host Matt’s house for a bit before going to another party. Though I wouldn’t call students watching cricket while old rave stuff (which perked me up no end) was being played in the kitchen on a dinky stereo can be described as a party.
Very fun and silly night.

Pictures here. They aren't kind.

Shouldn’t have gone out last night as I let something get to me that was really nothing. Even more annoying was having to walk home from Liverpool Street as there were no buses as the whole area had been shut down.
On the flip side, I popped into Melange on the way to see if anyone had handed in my Venetian mask on the off chance after I lost it there DJing last week. And yes!! I’ve got it back. Huzzah!

My flat mate (the nice fun one, not the bitch loony one) has just moved out. Just as I was getting used to and enjoying her company she has got herself her own flat. I won’t miss her continually asking “what’s happening?” during films and screaming down the phone in Spanish but she is a really sweet and talented girl and I’ll miss her being around.
She’s a very good artist and have encouraged her to get a web site or myspace sorted. Watch out for the name Angela Jack. She’s very good.

Next week are two photos shoots for the Trannyshack UK Greatest Tits Album launch which should be a giggle and a show at the ‘Shack for Lady Lloyds Birthday Bonanza that I'm doing with the amazing Suppositori Spelling.
We’ve been meaning to work together for a while but have finally got something sussed.

Oh and I’ve also been asked to appear in trashy housewife’s favourite ‘Love It’ magazine in my Domina guise. I said no to Trisha but this could be bloody hilarious!!

And there will be pics and a profile of me up on the Blitz Kidz web site soon. Woo! One extreme to the other eh?!!

Celebrity Big Brother finally finishes tonight and this one has given me a lot of fuel for my Masters thesis. If you are British, it would have been hard not to be aware of the public outcry it has provoked around the racism issue. Personally I was more concerned about the bullying of Shilpa Shetty but in a way the media woo haa has highlighted the ignorance and the passive aggressive racism of many in this country. If it points out to people that it is not cool to say such things, then surely it in a roundabout way is a good thing.

I’d like to think that this show will kill off the careers of Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara (and numerous paint by numbers wannbee celebrity for celebrity sake types) but I’ve a horrible feeling that it will generate more sales of trash mags once the fire has died down.
Kate Moss has done well out of media scandal and is now worth twice as much as she was before the whole cocaine debacle. This is a different issue but only time will tell.

To win? I would like Jermaine Jackson to win but think Shilpa deserves to. She stood her ground with dignity, grace and class while the three cackling wenches bullied her and that deserves a prize of some kind.



  1. that picture of you and josh is gorgeous! :)

  2. I love this blog. Always makes me laugh. Such a vicarious pleasure.