Holestar on Mean Girls

For the third year in a row, I'll be hosting the midnight screening at the Rio Cinema, Dalston for the Fringe Film Festival.
Previous shows of Showgirls and In Bed with Madonna were an absolute scream...this years Mean Girls should be a similar riotous affair. Here's a little piece I wrote for them.

Mean Girls hostess Holestar gives us the lowdown on why she loves a high school teen movie and why you shouldn’t miss the chance to see Lindsay Lohan’s finest achievement on the big screen.

I love teen school films. From Heathers, Teen Wolf, Election, Superstar, Napoleon Dynamite, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Carrie, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Weird Science to Grease 1 & 2. Being a teenager in school is a time everyone can relate to (presuming you've all been to school).

Being a teen is tough. You’re no longer an innocent and carefree child and too far away from the boring responsibilities of adulthood. Plus it seems to go on forever.

Raging with emotions, angst, hormones and new hair, I’ve yet to work out why teenagers are expected to take exams and decide what they want to ‘do’ when they are at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. What if you’re arty but don’t know it yet? What if you’re obsessed with that popular sporty guy who doesn’t know you exist? What if you simply can’t be bothered? What if you take a subject that you’re highly unlikely to ever use in later life, like maths? (Yes basic equations are important but besides mathematicians and Mathletes, who ever really uses algebra?)
I had no idea what I wanted to be. The career advisor suggested I go to the local chicken factory and stop dreaming about being a performer. I’m happy to say things are now very much in my favour and don’t have to pop my hand up a chickens bottom to get by.

Like many outsiders, I was bullied as a teenager. That’s probably why I have an interest in films of this nature. When you’re odd and at school, nobody tells you that your life will be oh so much better once you leave and it’s the bullies who go on to have incredibly mundane lives. But it’s through film that I saw the outsider can find peace with who they are or that the underdog does get through and win in the end.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Mean Girls when I first saw it. The petty bitchiness of the girls was a little close to home but 20 odd times in I love it. Despite the typical high school clich├ęs, hilarity and numerous camp quotes, I love that there is a positive resolution; that is despite our differences and cliques, we all need to simply like and respect each other a little more.

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve a treat in store. If you already love it, no doubt you’ll be screaming at the screen with everyone else who can quote it out to the max (and to share that experience in a cinema full of fellow fans is better than sharing a plastic tiara).

To celebrate this glorious commentary of teen angst, before the film, we’ll be having our very own Plastics Pageant. We know the ‘costumes’ aren’t exactly elaborate in the film so we want you to be inspired by plastic people. Think fake, fake, fake, botched surgery and mahoosive body parts, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Katie Price, Orlan, Lolo Ferrari, Amanda Lepore, more blow up doll than human being. We also want you to bring a page from your Burn Book where you can exorcise the hate. As Madonna would say, its cathartic.

So for super fans or those new to Mean Girls, I suggest you book your tickets now. We sold out last year and it was an absolute riot (I fully expect a full dance routine during Jingle Bell Rock).

See you down the front.
Mean Girls screens on Friday 12th April at 11.30pm at Rio Cinema Dalston. Get your tickets here.

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