Bitching among ourselves; Drug casualties

I'm waaaaay too busy with my new solo show at the moment to be wading in here but can't stop myself from pulling that soap box out.

I'm part of a panel in a couple of weeks called SleazyMichael Presents; SAUNA AND CLUB DRUG CASUALTIES. I wrote this blog about the issue last year and after lengthy Facebook discussions, Sleazy Michael Peacock decided to get people together and promote a panel discussion for people to discus this matter publicly. Simple.

It's a shame that writer Paul Burston seems to be taking the higher moral ground in an article for a national mainstream newspaper which is largely promoting his latest project (nothing wrong with that, guilty of it myself. Without the funds to advertise my wares I have to slip it in, so to speak, as and when I can). However he has unfortunately taken a somewhat bitchy snide view;

The impact of drugs like GHB has led to numerous deaths on the London gay scene. Next month, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in the capital is hosting a panel discussion to address the problem. The fact that it's presented by someone called Sleazy Michael gives some idea of the target audience.”

Meow!! Surely it's people on the 'sleazy' GHB and GBL scene who this event is aimed at and need to be involved. It's not aimed at angry lesbians, demanding that trans people be banned from biological female only spaces (I believe trans people have better things to do dears). Someone like Michael is more informed and knowledgeable of the gay scene than most. He's an open and out there sex fiend, has fought long and hard in the courts for his right to be kinky and can be seen on numerous dance floors, both on and off the gay scene, sweating his cock ring off, having the time of his life.
Would it make a difference if it was being run by 'Fisting Freddie' or 'Mary Minge' or should it be a project run by theorists who have the academic knowledge but non of the practical? Informing the community about the issue from someone who really knows the community makes Michael more than qualified.

He has been working very hard on this event for some time now, testing my own patience at times, but his enthusiasm for change and endless positivity for should be commended, not derided.
It's all good and well pontificating from behind our computer screens in our own parlours but the tally of deaths and numerous people going to hospital each weekend is a serious issue that needs addressing within the community. If it were any other minority group mixing drug cocktails to such lethal doses, they'd be an outrage and a BBC3 documentary knocked out about it. 
Maybe the event will be be a bunch of people giving their expertise and opinions or perhaps it'll create a dialogue where people can start openly talking about this matter and evoke some positive change. And surely something is better than nothing.

Right, I've got to get back to rewriting a section about people loving themselves a bit more in my new show, 'Sorry I'm A Lady'. Did I mention it?


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