Don't be shady, be a lady

I know, check me.

Since E4 stopped screening it after Season 2 (after minimal advertising and having it on at silly o'clock at night) Brits have had to download it doggedly off the internet so it's great to have a screening where Drag Racers can enjoy it together.

No need to name names but there was a hell of a lot of cold shade going on in tonight’s episode. I enjoy banter, the odd bitch and a well timed read but when it comes to being mean and hostile to someone because they don't shape up to your own expectations is an old drag cliché.

During a particular awkward sequence, two queens were being incredibly hateful to someone who may not be the most flawless queen but is clearly the most talented. Being on TV magnifies someone's shortcomings and these girls are fully aware of how another spiteful queen came across during last season. And being hateful isn't down to the edit. To repeat that behaviour makes them look bitter, twisted and not someone you'd want to work with, let alone be a drag superstar.
Drag performers are outsiders from the heteronormative majority, we're a source of entertainment and ridicule and at some point, we've all received some form of abuse from a drunken insult to a fist. I'm baffled why someone who is themselves an outsider would publicly abuse a peer so nastily. Especially a sister.
Being shady shows up your own insecurities and is incredibly tired. There will always be new queens and freaks who strut around as if they're the first to put a wig on their head and see this kind of behaviour as acceptable but established ladies really shouldn't be setting this attitude as an example.

I've seen all manner of drag performer, from stunning to busted. Personally, I have no interest in how flawless or “fishy” someone is. Talent and putting 100% into what you're doing outweighs a perfect blend and couture. I'd rather see a hot mess work an audience into a frenzy over someone who looks marvelous but has as much personality as an over back-combed weave.

Luckily on the alternative drag side of London, people are generally nice and respectful of each other. We're too busy being fabulous to worry about looking flawless and there are only a few who work a pageant style. Maybe because we don't have them in the UK or perhaps we favour talent and fun over appearance. Over each season, it's interesting that the bitchiest girls from Drag Race tend to be pageant girls where appearance is everything. Perhaps they should start looking inside instead of worrying about the façade so much. Being nice might not add to your look but it's better for your soul.


Photos 17 May 2013
Season 5 E11 Screening at Dalston Superstore
by Craig Parker

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