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As you probably know by now, I belong to a little community of bootleg geeks where we all hang out on a site called gybo (or ‘gaybo’ depending how many shandies you've had).

Some on there are better than others, some just bitch and moan about shit instead of getting on with it, a few have very, very bright futures as producers and DJs and others just make up the numbers.

I went for the bootlegs (or mash-ups in you are from the other side of the Atlantic), stayed for the banter. It is oneof if not the friendliest music based forums on the interweb.

Supercollider has recently put together some of my favourite boots ever on gorgeous blue marble type vinyl.

All mixes featured are top drawer but my personal favourites are;

Lyd - Gimme Ragga Joanna (SL2-On a Ragga Tip vs Eddy Grant-Give Me Hope Joanna)

Soundhog - 500 Bad Mice (The Proclaimers-500 Miles vs 2 Bad Mice-Bombscare).
They sound quite wrong on paper but have that knack of instantly getting my face smiling, feet shaking and booty stomping. Or something.

So buy it now fools.

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