Bastard 96

Christ on a bike. I am hung over in a big fashion. Last time I mix vodka and beer.

Got on the fun bus to Bastard 96 last night at The Asylum - the club where everything must go and continually having a ‘clothing down sale’.

Bastard is a fantastic night full of bootleggers, internet geeks, music lovers and fun people up for a fun time created by the Bastard Pop legends that are Cartel Communique.

Mattcatt and Poj Masta span the tunes and what corkers too. Poj span a lot of his own tunes (this boy is going to go far if he's given the right breaks. I'd put my left tit on it) which got the place nice and sweaty. Ended up in a fantastically dingy and dodgy bar on Hanway Street before staggering to bed.

I’ve been clubbing for 15 years now and Bastard is one of the best nights I have ever been too.

The fact that the_dr can rock his skirt and fishnets look, people quite happily wear bog roll around their necks, can hear bootlegs as they should be played out - LOUD and you can jump up and down loudly without feeling embarrassed or any snooty types looking at you like you’re a freak makes it a special place to be.

Its that spirit that reminds me of the ‘good old days’ ™ and I hope it never dies whatever happens to it.

Photos are spilt into two parts;

Part One
Part Deux

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