Need more lash

Have had many more escapades since the previous blog but keep forgetting to update this thang here.

Performed at Bastard alongside Lionel Vinyl and Soundhog, drunken Sunday escapades on the Southbank, a huge amount of chemicals and a performance for a birthday party at The Asylum, dressing up a poor boy as a lady and being paid for the privilege, shouting at people and wearing a policeman’s hat at Bastard, dancing to quality electro then hearing utter balls at The Key, more drunken Sunday boozing and other things that couldn’t be repeated for fear of being sued.

Still don’t have anywhere fixed to live yet and my financial situation sucks. Had to give up my girls (cats Monkey and Merkin) as I am unable to provide them the life they can have with the lady who has been caring for them. Broke my heart in two but know it’s the right thing for them.

Despite the crap, the social life is quite fabulous. This weekend was very jolly.

After a week to see the olds and get fattened up even more by my Father (who is a chef. Do get spoiled when I pop back) in Hereford (mmmm the glamour…) I had a gig at Uber (93 Feet East).

Met up with Dave before going down to Brick Lane for a sound check with Adrian from San Fran’s live bootleg band Smash Up Derby.
Said our hello’s and despite never performing together before, grabbed the mics and it worked-ace. (Did White Stripes-Seven Nation Army VS Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams bootleg.)

A bunch of us from gybo went for a curry before the show (gave them very classy British gift of Cadburys Cream Eggs).
Heard Poj Masta’s set through the dressing room walls and was interviewed by Tim from Radio Clash while Adrian & Mysterious D span their tunes.

Jack White walked passed with his new band The Raconteurs (as they were playing next door) came over and shook my hand saying he loved read heads (had a big ol’ red wig on oddly enough). “You sir, are quite fabulous“ was my response.
Played it very cool then clapped my hands like a girl once he was out of ear shot.

Should have invited him along after (ha ha!) as we were using one of his tunes. Would have been interesting to see what an artist actually thinks of us taking their work and fucking it up for Schitzen-Geiggals (who were by a strange twist of fate were spinning tunes earlier on in the evening.)

Adrian and I did our thing which went down pretty well then turn for my noise.

Started out with my Ray of Light Medley (instrumental with Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit wailed over the top which goes in to Shut and Dance’s I’m Raving and Vitalics-La Rock 01 (very kindly banged together by one of my current favourite people Josh Console) and then I bang out Ray of Light lyrics over that with sprinklings of Betty Boo for a good measure. Phew.)

Chucked a blow-up sheep into the crowd which got thrown around like a beach ball then did a new one - Pendulum/Freestylers - Fasten Your Seatbelt VS Madison Ave - Don’t Call Me Baby/Salt N Pepa - Push It/Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive.

Next one might have been a little too ambitious. Pendulum remix of Prodigy’s Voodoo People with The Strokes - Juicebox over the top. Few people got it but didn’t have the same sing-a-long factor of the other tunes.

More pictures from Uber can be seen here
(Crowd seem to big diggin my shizzle!)

After party at Daves was a bag of fun which involved not a lot of music despite the decks being set up (flat mate having non of it-bah), me dragging up Harry who became Baby Holestar for the night, more interviews, The_Dr singing Home & Away, spankings, Mysterious D’s pink hat being passed around, Josh & Alex finally arriving hours later after feeding a homeless man Pringles and being chassed by the police on their bikes and a drunken group effort to disgrace our host on the internet who was otherwise engaged.

Everyone had gone by 8 in the morn and after a few hours kip, hot footed it over to Tower Bridge for booze, cards, music and porn before going to South London for a few beers with Joy (fellow drag artiste) who was to be putting me up for the next few days.

Sunday - Horse Meat Disco. A coach load of drag queens were over from San Francisco as the Trannyshack film premiered at the London Gay and Lesbo Film Fest and was there for the after party.

There were ten shows and I was to guest with Adrian and sing with him for a Smash Up Derby Medley (bits of Franz Ferdinand, Tainted Love, Talking Heads, Michael Jackson and the boot we did on Friday) but five minutes before the show, told there was only one microphone. Got through it regardless and had much fun.

The other shows were rather good despite being lip synch (which is something I‘m yet to do but will have a crack at some point.)
Fauxpas, Suppositori Spelling and a fellow cockless frockatear (or as they call them over in Frisco ‘Faux Queen’) Fauxnique (pictured right) stood out for me. Not the usual sequined Bassey/Streisand torch song bollocks for these bitches, no sir. All round, top stuff.

Also met Tasty Tim, Jodie Harsh and Lady Lloyd all who were lovely. Don’t believe the bullshit. Not all dragsters are cunts. Granted some are and like to think a wig and a bit of lippy gives them licence to be vile but the good stuff always floats to the top.

Joy, Suppositori Spelling and I went to Crash after and danced around for a bit but it was a bit dull in there so was back at Joys by 0430. Well it was a Sunday.

Met some wonderful people over the weekend, had many CDs thrust into my hand, drank quite a lot of booze and had a grand old time.

Photos of the whole messy weekend courtesy of A&D can be seen here.

Coming up is a show at The Shadow Lounge in Soho (will be different to the usual dance floor assault and more rock n pop shizzle), an appearance on Resonance FM and a return to Vienna to DJ (and to pop and see the cats.)

All I need now is some more gigs, somewhere to call home and a proper bit of lady love and things will be just peachy.

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