Paris Hilton dies onstage

Since it was announced, it was inevitable that Paris Hilton getting paid thousands to throw bricks into a washing machine in the name of DJing was going to be bad.

Poor Paris...her fame has waned considerably due to fellow succubus Kim Kardashian. She's tried everything (party girl, music, film, TV, lame sex tape) and earned millions in the process yet refuses to give up. What's left to do? She's got a DJ/producer boyfriend, surely she should cash in on her name and become a DJ herself? That's hot...

Money is the only currency here, not an interest in good music or happy punters. The kind of music she tried to play is aimed at popping bottles and naff VIP crowd, a celeb name generates bums on seats. Celebrity DJs aren't a new phenomena, look at any fashion launch or hipster party and you'll see someone being hired because of their so-called cool factor or fame, at every level. It just means rubbish music.

Most lady DJs love music. Yes a minority get gigs by taking their tops off and dancing around to a premix CD, sucking dick or flirting with the right people but on the whole, we love and respect music. We have a background knowledge of it. We learn it's history. As much as I think she's an air thief, I want other women to do well in this industry. A part of me hoped Paris would have hired a fleet of experienced DJs to teach her how to mix properly instead of driving the car off the cliff so publicly. I have a smug sense of 'I told you so' but a sadness that women DJing continues to be looked upon as something lesser.

Female DJs work hard to be taken seriously as it is without people assuming we don't know anything (the sexism I've encountered from male DJs is staggering). Yes I'm aware that I've been booked on my novelty Tranny with a Fanny factor but I've been re-booked because I'm a DJ with passion and have a narcissism that loves a happy dance floor.

Promoters. Get a clue. Celeb names might get them in initially but people spending their money want something on return, not a crap soundtrack to their fun times.

Paris. We know this is just another of your many fads so please go away and stop dragging down Disc Jockeys and women down into your pit of nothingness. Go and spend your millions on something worth while, swaying around the mixer pretending to use the filters isn't a skill or talent.
Or just take your top off..that'd be far more entertaining.


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