RIP Loleatta Holloway

Yesterday, my favourite singer, Loleatta Holloway passed over. Many know her as the sampled voice on that Black Box ditty but to me she was the ultimate disco diva and a massive inspiration.

Belting it out on stormers like Love Sensation, Runaway, I May Not Be There When You Want Me and Hit& Run, spitting out dontmesswithmyman warnings in Dreamin' or dripping with emotion on ballads like Two Become A Crown, her voice was real, and full of pure soul. A lot of the over processed pop tartlets of today would do well to listen and learn.

Ride on Time aside, I first discovered her in 1994, giving it attitude on The Queens Anthem. I then did my homework and fell in love.

Possibly the most sampled voice in dance music after James Brown, I now cringe when yet another house track samples her amazing vocals as very little can compare to the original arrangements and lush sounds of her Salsoul Records days.

Rest in peace you wonderful woman. You inspired me to be a belter and proud to be a fierce woman.


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