Respect...Colin Rothbart

I first met Colin when I lived in Vienna. He was directing the BBC's Holiday show (RIP), we were introduced just as I was about to return to the UK and exchanged contact details. You frequently meet people along the way in this business we call show and never expect to hear from them again but just as I'd moved to London, he emailed me, we ended up on a long, lost London weekend and a friendship was formed.

He has an amazing ability to bring together a varied bunch of party people and I've performed or DJed for all of Colin's birthday parties since I moved to London, all being truly memorable in terms of dressing up, bad taste and pure hedonism. Colin owns private party venue 'The Shed' where East End creatives, posers and freaks mix and mingle, celebrity DJs pop up unannounced and an off duty performer might do a number. In the future, The Shed will be one of those places people will boast about going to like The Blitz, Taboo, Kinky Gerlinky and Kashpoint.

Colin is a true British eccentric. He doesn't appear extraordinary in an obvious attention seeking way, it's to know him to understand his unclassifiable quirks and that he is a legend in his own lunch time. He's been known to wear some truly criminal outfits in his bid to drag up for a party and his adventures in modern cosmetics is quite something, botched botox and his recent mullet weave being the most memorable.

During a trip to India in 2009, I asked Colin if he would be up for directing my film about the East End alternative scene (more info on, of which he agreed. Nothing quite like a business meeting while floating in the Arabian Sea. We've been filming since Glastonbury 2009 and continue doing so, following fabulous queer freaks from the scene.

Besides being a reputable TV director, Colin has a past in front of the camera and was in one of the UK's first reality shows 'The Living Soap' and presented mid 90s club show 'Trainspotters'.

Colin presenting Trainspotters with Chrissy Darling and Twiggy

The Living Soap. You'd better werrrrk (and drink)

Thank you Colin. Your generosity astounds me as does your diet. Your antics make me smile and I promise to get some funding sorted for the film...eventually.

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