Kashpoint & Bastard

Kashpoint on HMS President on Victoria Embankment was a big bag of fun and japes.

Arrived fairly earlyish and was very quiet so was a bit apprehensive about how the evening would pan out.
But soon filled up with lots of fabulous freaks. Only my second Kashpoint but I love the mix of innovative dressing up and creativity.

Met some wonderful and interesting people (and a few pretentious types to, as to be expected).

Show time first was Baby Clyde (who gave me a CD of his. I have his track ‘The Wine’ on repeat. Ace.) then The Shit and then me doing the E-Jitz’s Two Magdalene Fuckers (The Smiths-How Soon is Now vs. De’Lacy Hideway).
After the first verse, I whipped off my top to reveal two fake boobs and after the final chorus took off my skirt to reveal a strap on rubber cock with a pink ribon to set it off. For the lip synch bit where Morrisey comes back in, I grabbed a bunch of flowers and hurled them around before chucking them into the crowd.

In fact, just watch the video eh?


I’ve been asked why don’t I just get my real tits out instead of fake ones.
First off, they are mine and for private consumption only and second; It’s part of my whole gender bending extravaganza. Odd but many people thought I was a drag queen, until they actually spoke to me and heard my voice.

Art often tells the audience what they should be thinking. Work can be quite insipid until the description or title is read and then the opinion of how the piece is perceived may change. I like the idea of the viewer drawing their own conclusions despite my actual intentions. Let them think what they want to.

It is quite clear that I am a woman despite the paraphernalia (though the amount of Tranny chassers I get on Myspace who try and add me as a ‘friend’ who see the picture and don’t actually read my profile clearly don’t) yet if people want to think I’m a man, so be it.

I like to think of Holestar, the drag character being neither male, female or trans.
Highly sexed with no gender.The whole point for me is about subverting and ultimately, having a giggle, entertaining and confusing a few people.

I’m going to do a photo shoot with a full moustache (I’m thinking a Winsor Davies one), massive fake boobs (the ones I got weren’t really big enough, only just covering my own) and a big neon pink willy. Make of that what you will.

Also performing was Bishi (DJing some ace tunes), Vote Show Pony and finally ViKtor who is a lovely boy indeed. PHOTOS

This months Bastard was top notch. Danced on the speakers with The_Dr who was sporting a new Little Mermaid dress (odd to be on the speaker not being in drag with a boy in a dress) and got quite tipsy.

Zephyr pulled out the stops with a ’Brits Abroad’ theme and if I’m not mistaken a very good time was had by all. One of the best Bastards I’ve been to.
Supercollider played a great set and Jools and Stinkin Rich stormed it. PHOTOS HERE

On the night bus, some twat job tried to knick something from my bag! He had his hand actually in it and had unzipped one of the sections. I grabbed his hand while it was in the bag and very loudly shouted “what the fuck are you doing, you cunt“. (Such a lady.)
The drunk girl in front of me started screaming at him and after I pointed out to him that what he was attempting to steal was makeup, that it wasn't his colour and should stick to pink hues and calling him a whole barrage of names and his mate looking very disappointed, he soon fucked off. Chancing bastard.
My temper said call the police but what would they have done? Bugger all. What goes around, comes around and he’ll probably get caught and get a good beating.

Sunday was a lovely afternoon spent with the kids Dan and Harry boozing down Brick Lane.

I feel quite out of place down there but had on my new Broadway Market sequined jacket which is the shit.
Had loads of people talk to me while wearing it. We sat outside Café 1001 and had a bimble around the Art market which after paying a pound to get into, seemed a bit steep.

Lots of quite pretentious, uninspired rot to be honest. There were three lesbos on stage doing air guitar and drums to Guns & Roses’ 'Paradise City' which while good in concept, was pretty shit as they only lip synched when they felt like it, had made no effort with the outfits and were generally quite dull.

Don’t think I’ll ever be accepted into the art crowd scene.

I don’t take myself too seriously, have an eclectic mix of mates and interest, don’t spend hours on an outfit and dress quite casually (sans drag) and actually found Nathan Barley to be a fucking hilarious spot on observation of that scene and not the factual documentary that a lots of the kids down there perhaps thought it to be.

Que Sera Sera as Doris would say.

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