I won an award, D.R.A.G., swinging and domination....that was 2015

Hello. Hope you had a marvelous festive/silly season. It's been a while since I wrote so here's my annual round up.

Started off 2015 winning Best Drag Act at the London Cabaret Awards. Was surprised to be shortlisted, never mind win. The reactions since have been interesting, especially from others who should probably know better. Despite being a tart in a wig for twelve years, there's still a plethora of misogyny to plough through. But hey, if they're bitching, must be doing something right.
Once again, I hosted the only official UK screening of season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race at Jonny Woo's new bar,
The Glory and did more pub drag performances around the country. Performing a full set to a rowdy bar is a whole new skill set for me but have managed to get it down. I'm unable to do anything alt or arty but get to be incredibly self indulgent and sing pop bangers. Plus it's incredibly fun.

I may have mentioned it before but the film about London's alternative drag scene I co-founded (about seventy years ago), Dressed As A Girl, was finally released to three sold out screenings at the BFI London. It went on tour, a plethora of screenings and Q&A's all over the UK, I even popped to Copenhagen. It's now available to buy on DVD, chock full with juicy extras. The film still needs help with covering post production costs so please help it out by ordering one. Treat yourself.

I appeared in a book with my boobs out and another about drag, DJed at some bizarre events, popped to Edinburgh for Pride, appeared in a six hour project with artist Brian Lobel at Latitude Festival and as the beloved Black Cap closed, my daft pub quiz Let's Get Quizzical went weekly at new queer Camden hot spot, Bloc Bar.

I've just concluded the year playing the evil Ebola Abanazer in Alezzin. After being involved in five adult pantos (staring or directing) I've always wanted to play the villain and it's been an utter joy to mwuhahaha down in Clapham for the past six weeks.

Coming up, well I'm off to Vietnam for an adventure then getting to work on two solo shows. 
First up is 'Holestar Does Prince'. Covering the Prince songbook, how his gender bending brilliance has influenced me and an excuse to sing his wonderful songs.
The second show is something I've been researching for the past nine months, Swinging.

After no personal sexual frissons with gentlemen for twelve years (not because of any willy embargo, just ended up that way), thought I'd give them another whirl (as casual fun with women is very, very tricky). I've learnt a lot about myself and so much about swinging that is unspoken in the British mainstream. I intend to make a sex positive show highlighting those discoveries.

I've also realised I miss the one to one theatre of being a  Dominatrix (gave it up after dislocating my knee onstage at Glastonbury in 2009. A Domme in flats isn't much of a look) so will be returning to that after my adventure. Also hosting bi monthly fetish party Submission at swanky London sex club, Le Boudoir

So there you go. It's been a funny old year and presuming 2016 will be pretty much the same.
Bring it!

Have a good one

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