So that was 2014

Another year has flown by, and what a year!

I started off being in a protest advert about the Sochi Winter Olympics (that nobody saw) but did my own little protest song. Had my solo show Sorry I'm A Lady commissioned by Central School of Speech and Drama as well as a special Love Edition run at Vogue Fabrics. Was a mentor for the 8 week long Trannyshack Academy with one of my girls, Ruby Wednesday going on to win the whole thing!

Hosted the official UK screening of RuPaul's Drag Race again and performed with season six winner Bianca Del Rio four four nights at The Meth Lab as well as judging a ball with fellow drag goddess, Michelle Visage.
Played with a new character, Fat Madonna (she's had enough of yoga and macrobiotics, moved to the north of England and got fat. And goes dogging) and was photographed for a book about boobs, Bare Reality.

Was on a panel about fat performers (I'm not one, just a performer who happens to be fat) and Jean Paul Gaultier complemented my wig. I DJed for the Mayor of Camen, Sink The Pink, Songs of Praise, Dalston Superstore, The Black Cap, my nights POP! (which goes monthly from February), Handbag (90s house party) and the final Popstarz at The Coronet.

Closed the Sink The Pink Summer Ball with fellow pop poof Dan Gillespie Sells 
singing Enough is Enough (No More Tears) and did my annual hosting at the Fringe! Queer Film FestivalPopped to Glasgow, Hastings, Bristol and Manchester and discovered a whole plethora of amazing drag at Cha Cha BoudoirManaged to clamber onto the pub drag circuit, leaning that any of my slightly obscure stuff just won't do. They want a familiar sing-a-long, that I can do.
I finally got over myself and took Sorry I'm A Lady to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was better than I could have ever imagined. Even got a four star review in a national paper
Performed to a few thousand people on the main-stage at Copenhagen Pride and then did my multi task, singing and DJing thing for the wonderful T-Lounge.

Started recording new material with Nessim Molder (coming soon) and writing a concept album. Did a turn or two at Shoreditch House and directed my first panto staring The FamilyyyFierce which was incredible. I worked them hard but my goodness it paid off (so good, it's having a redux, tickets).
The documentary I founded, D.R.A.G. (Dressed As A Girl) about the East London alternative drag scene, has been sliced and diced and will be released in 2015.
Also had a little documentary made about me...

Holestar - The Tranny with ........ from Jonathan Stow on Vimeo.

I appeared in a Vice mag article about Faux Queens (which is odd. I'd never call myself one, nothing fake about me), was interviewed for Out There magazine and Marcus Reeves for his Behind The Mask show and photographed for an exhibition about makeup transformations that will be at the MOMA. In New York. Yep, going to NYC, it's been a while.
2014 was
 closed giving the Alternative Christmas Speech for This Is Cabaret and taking Let's Get Quizzical to the Royal Festival Hall.

For 2015, I intend to take Sorry I'm A Lady on tour to reach more queer people to encourage them to be who the hell they want to (funding and finding a producer who believes in it permitting) and returning it to Edinburgh.
I want to make more more music as well as finish my concept album (based on a theory by art group The Residents and young people's limited capacity to listen to an entire pop record).
After many a false start, hopefully my Dragony Aunt column, 'What's Your Problem?' will finally get off the ground (not having a maternal bone in my body, I'm nobodies Drag Mother but everyone's Drag Aunt.).

Of course my ultimate ambition is still to perform at the Eurovision Song contest. Anyone have contacts in San Marino, Malta or Cyprus? (I'm deadly serious!!!)

It's been ruddy good year. After eleven years of dressing up and parading around like Dolly Parton on acid, I still love it and grateful to anyone who has supported me in any way.
I'm never going to be rich and famous but if I can inspire at least one person to love who they are, then my work is done.

Have a fabulous 2015!

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