Leaving Las Facebook

I'm divorcing my most popular profile on facebook and my goodness it feels refreshing.

Aaaah social media..whatever did we do before it came along? Went to the pub and physically spoke to each other, gossiped from behind fences or nosed from behind netting curtains if you're so inclined.

I'm a fan of it. Where else can you get a daily dose of news, current affairs, gossip, politics, music, events, TV commentary, ridiculous pictures and youtube wrongness from people you're familiar with while sitting in your underpants? I find it utterly fascinating, especially how much some people reveal about their personal lives...like millions of mini Tracey Emins seeking an appreciative audience.

After myspace failed to keep up with the kids (poor 'Tom'. He's probably sat in a dark corner, rocking while muttering “I used to be the most popular man on the internet”), everyone moved en-mass to farcebook to mix, mingle and post funny pictures of kittens.
Initially I aimed to keep my facebook profile separate from any 'Holestar' doings but it quickly became the main driving medium for promotion, pop culture opinions and waffle. As they insist on two names for personal profiles, I tried to call myself 'Hole Star' and 'This is Holestar' but a spiteful snitch (who seems to have done the same to other performers) grassed me up. Facebook accused me of using a false profile, insisted I send them a copy of my passport and that to continue to use their service, I had to use my 'real name'. I dug my heels in and managed to get away with being 'Julie Holestar'.

All was fine for a while but it has become messy and I've decided to close Julie Holestar down. There's no shade or stomping off, I've just got a point where I want more of a private and professional division on social media.

I've currently got 3703 'friends', most of whom I don't know or have never met despite my friend request criteria (do we have lots of mutual friends, similar tastes in music, culture etc and will they come to my gigs or buy my music?) and I've asked them to 'like' my Holestar page to keep in contact if they're interested in my future doings. So far, only 154 have. I don't take this personally as there is something more psychologically bonding being friends with someone, than publicly liking them. Facebook is like a mini advertising billboard and admitting you 'like' a weirdo in a wig messes with some peoples public cool factor profile.

Now it may seem silly and somewhat rude to throw away nearly four thousand contacts but it feels utterly refreshing to let go of numerous randoms who have added yet never interacted with me, tranny chasers who haven't read the small print, dull bands who are vying for business and abusive trolls (especially the one who recently threatened me with violence). If those 'friends' are genuinely interested in what I get up to, they can now find me over at www.facebook.com/mxholestar

I'll be spouting the same drivel, its just time to keep business and private self a little separate. And as it seems to be the hip thing to do these days, once the profile hits one thousand likes, I'll be giving away a free track of mine. Because I'm nice like that.


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