I don't understand the credibility of awards (when was the last time a nurse, youth worker or road sweeper received a fancy bauble at a lavish public ceremony) yet the omission of Scottee from the 2012 London Cabaret Awards is surprising and somewhat odd. 

The short list features the deserved and fabulous talents of David HoyleRyan Styles, Dickie Beau, Myra Dubois, Bourgeois & MauriceJonny WooLe Gateau ChocolatFancy Chance among others, but where is Scottee? (He was long listed in three categories; Alternative Performer, Host and Ongoing Production for Eat Your Heart Out.) Opinions are subjective but I feel it's a massive over sight that one of the hardest working and most progressive people in the alternative performance scene hasn't received a nod in any category.

My first encounter with Scottee was quite abrupt. He marched up to me at Kashpoint and said "I'm Yr Mum, who are you?" He later scolded me in front of a room of people for a collaboration I was honored to be part of.  I found him precocious, pretentious and somewhat rude...but rather fascinating. I watched his work from the wings for some time before we bonded on the roof of the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury and now consider him lovely, charming, driven, talented and an incredibly professional individual who I have the utmost respect for.

Besides creating some fascinating work and ideas, he knows who the 'right people' are and how to maneuver himself in the cut throat business of show, which is a skill in itself. He has kept things queer with integrity, continues to push things forward politically while maintaining accessibility and deserves his prolific status in alternative performance.

Not that he needs trinkets, I'm probably more perturbed by this than he is. He told me once he was concerned about his lack of higher education. I told him I have a Fine Art Masters and it means diddly squat. From a young age, he's been out there, doing it and is better placed and more experienced as a performer, director and curator than many with twice his education and age. Does he deserve an award? Yes. Does he care? Probably not. He'd probably eat it anyway.


PS You can vote in the Time Out Audience Award category at
You could vote for me if you were that way inclined but I suggest you vote for Scottee.

PPS I'm not having a go at the judges or the awards themselves, this is merely an opinion. 

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