NyLon Woman and Facebook

It's been ages since I've posted anything on this blog despite having numerous things whirring around my head.

I recently lost interest in spreading my opinions and nonsense through blogging. MySpace seems redundant except to listen to new music (it hurts my eyes as its filled with so many flash ads) and twitter is just not interesting enough (except to watch Courtney Love go wild, Cheryl Kerl take the piss and David Arnold who is far more interesting than some of the allegedly 'hilarious' British comedians on there.

Facebook is my favourite portal into people's lives, its the ultimate in curtain twitching with some posting their every (bowel) movement. It's interesting to watch faded celebrities clamouring for some attention, some of the cultural and political debates that spring up and several individuals telling their 'friends' every little tiny thing they are doing (Example post; I just boiled an egg! Standards responses; Amazing! You are fabulous and deserve an egg. Is it a sexy egg? Runy or hard, i think I can gess Lol!) I Facebook, therefore I am.....It's the ultimate justification for ones existence in the digital age.

Now I'm guilty of self promotion as the next person. I use it as a promotional tool for my music, club nights, film, gigs, myself, whatever but some things need to remain a little private. Tease them with a feather, they don't need the whole chicken. My status may say 'Engaged' for that is what I am (and announced it all over Facebook after keeping it to myself for a good three weeks) but m'lady and I don't advertise that it's to each other, just seems a little....too honest.
I love public declarations of adoration but how embarrassing is it when the couple breaks up only to have to change their status to 'single'?

I've digressed somewhat from my original point..which was, oh yeah blogging.So what have I done since I last posted? Quite a lot and having a fabulous 2010.

The knee is slowly getting better (only took a year on the NHS...) and I can finally walk without a walking stick but there's still a way to go.
My nights Hot Mess and Let's Get Quizzical are going very well indeed.
Gigs, gigs galore.
Taught an 'Alternative Drag Workshop (Post Divine)at Rose Bruford, gave a lecture at The House of Homosexual Culture in the Southbank Centre and in June I'm doing a Queer Performers thing at Central St Martins (hark at me all 'establishment')

Of all this, I've finally made some original music that has my name on it, not 'featuring'. First release NyLon Woman was released in April and very well received in the music blogs and a few DJ charts. Can be bought on itunes, Amazon and Napster, there's a free remix on my SoundCloud and the video is above (shot in five days on Chat Roulette. I saw a lot of willys and got called "fag" a lot by silly Americans)

We're (Phil Robinson and Piers Gordon)working on the next track 'Dirty Men' and aim to release an E.P. full of dirty pop. Have a few other collaborations up my batwing sleeve.

Right, I'm off to update my farcebook status


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