Holestar on Blitz Kids website and AXM magazine

I'm listed as a New Freak in the Divas section. Can certainly live with that!
(To be honest, am pretty chuffed to be asked to be on this. Some amazing and talented people from the club scene over the years on it. Very humbling).

February Updates

Straight to Holestar page

Also in Februarys edition of British Gay mag AXM on page 25-me posing like a loon and a little interview i.e. me waffling about wanking and shit. Don't have a scanner so can't stick it up.

I'm also in the New York Club/Fashion magazine Gazelleland Nude issue which is coming soon (I'm not "nude", though there's quite a bit of flesh on display).

Cor, you'd think I courted attention eh?


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