Stop the death drug cocktails

It's a stereotype but many gay men partake in hedonism, much of which involves dancing, booze, drugs and sex....all of which are perfectly ok but this weekend, yet another gay man died of drug related causes in a sauna in Waterloo. My heart and sympathy goes out to his friends and family but when will this culture of dangerously mixing drugs end?

I'm pro drugs. I've taken plenty of party prescriptions in my time and had a bloody good time on it too (less so these days as the quality of the drugs available are simply awful and with age, the come down is rarely worth the good times). I believe in legalising and regulating drugs. Human beings have enjoyed twisting reality for thousands of years, why else would so many mind altering substances exist in nature? (I'm a firm believer that a lot of the fantastical tales in the Bible are made up from acid trips and stoned visions, making Jesus the first celebrity hippy).

This fatality is unfortunately not an isolated case. There seems to be a plethora of drug deaths currently on the London gay scene, frequently down to mixing up a deathly cocktail of drugs like MDMA, amphetamines, ketamin, alcohol, methadrone, viagra and somewhere in the mix is usually GHB, GBL and possibly crystal meth. Is it because the quality of the drugs are so crap that people feel the need to take more and more, to get that never ending high that keeps them dancing and fucking all weekend long? It's more likely to be because human beings simply aren't capable of taking enough drugs to fell an elephant.

Like I've said, I'm pro drugs but where does this destructive chain of events end? I don't believe the saunas and clubs are specifically to blame. Yes they harbor the activity of getting endlessly trashed and promote an ideal of desire and hedonism but the drug culture that surrounds it would probably still exist without them. The blame lies with ourselves.

There is a thriving scene but very little community. We need to start looking out for each other and look beyond the end of our noses.

If you are taking drugs...don't be daft. Pace them, don't take them all at once and be aware of what doesn't mix well. Be a little geeky about your consumption, look up what you are taking and what not to do with it, the internet isn't just for seeking a casual fumble (shock!). Essentially, learn to love and look after yourself..not just physically but mentally too.

I've heard of too many tales from gay men saying the reason they pump iron while fronting an acceptable face of professionalism during the week to then spend the whole weekend in a drug and sex haze is because they aren't happy with who they are and feel pressure from the media and others. If this is the case, you need to get yourself some new friends honey.



  1. FROM SLEAZYMICHAEL 27th Dec 2012
    Big respect to you for speaking out about this issue - Luke Howard's reference to your very honest well informed view via facebook set off an avalanche of comment ( 43 ) and 184 'likes' - I do hope something positive can come out of your blog - well even if just ONE guy takes your advice....

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