New York Photos

(Click the pic of Patricia Field and moi)

Blog to follow. It was the hotness, believe. Met the following people;

Gazelle (Editor of Gazelland Magazine and amazing host)
Joan Rivers (liked my jacket)
Sequinette (does a good Dolly Parton)
Lady Fag (fellow drag lady)
Glenn (Miss LES 2007)
Amanda Lepore (needs no intro-like no other)
Rainblo (club host)
Kenny Kenny (club promoter and ledged)
Susanne Bartsch (created some of the fiercest parties know to NYC)
Andre J (beardy blonde)
Cazwell (homo rapper-star)
Zelda (Studio 54 club ledged)
Tommie Sunshine (beardy wonder muso)
DJ Mehdi
Busy P
Xavier (from Justice)
Sebastian (all from Ed Banger records-love these guys-you have no idea how much)
Michael Formika Jones (NYC star and promoter of Area and Avalon)
Epiphany (drag starlet)
Logan (too young to be doing what she does!!)
Peppermint (stunning dragster)
Shequida (operatic drag lady)
Aunt Acid (messy)
Katie Enlow (fellow live bootleg lady)
Lenlow (masher uper)
Partyben (San Fran ledged)
Adrian Roberts (from Smash Up Derby)
Mysterious D (both Bootie promoters)
James Coppola (promoter with Formika and his own hot night Unisex Salon)
Jonny Noir (drag DJ)
Acid Betty (that bitch can work a look!!)
Michael (Gazelle’s assistant)
Dres (lovely fashion designer)
Nicky London (fashion, style and club archivist and historian)
Meca (vogue champion who worked under Willy Ninja)
Patrick McDonald (Fashionista)
JoJo Americo
Paul Alexander (both from The Ones)
Patricia Field (stylist to the stars extraordinaire)
Jonny Dynell (music and club ledged)
Stephen Keyes (makeup artist)
Perfidia (who called me Coleslaw)
Olan (hot artist who is doing a portrait of me)
Merlin (from
I’m on the front page!! Eeeeep!!)

And many many other amazing and wonderful and super people (some right dull cunty folk too who seem to hang around the ‘in’ people has they have no personality or talent themselves-hey the leeches exist everywhere).

Gigs went well and I’ve been asked back-yay!
I’m worn out, skint but had such a great great time.

More later


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